How To Get The Most Out Of Your Health Insurance

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Health Insurance

Recent changes in healthcare law have consumers, providers, employers and insurance companies facing critical adjustments. Healthcare is evolving into a patient centered, value-based industry, providing possible potential benefits in all sectors.


Many people have health insurance but do not realize many of the benefits it provides. Preventative services are covered with no extra cost, however, some may have risk factor or age guidelines. Preventative services include the following for adults: alcohol misuse screening and counseling, cholesterol screening, colorectal cancer screening, depression screening, diabetes type II screening, tobacco use screening, obesity screening and counseling, diet counseling, HIV screening, syphilis screening and STD prevention counseling. Specific preventative screening services for women include: cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening, chlamydia infection screening, gonorrhea screening, human papillomavirus DNA test, domestic and interpersonal violence screening and counseling, and osteoporosis screening. Many plans provide substantial discounts for health related products and services. Most insurance plans have websites that will provide consumers with access to providers, education, and policy information.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Health Insurance


Opportunities for healthcare providers will be abundant. With most patients having health insurance now, access to healthcare will be on the rise, resulting in increased need for healthcare providers.


Employers can take advantage of being able to choose health insurance based on coverage and price that fits their budget. This includes the high-deductible option plans. Additional options include health management programs.

Insurance Companies

One might think that insurance companies will benefit the most from recent change in the law. Millions of people have enrolled in health insurance plans since the law went into effect. However, recent media reports state that health insurance companies are claiming they cannot manage without increasing rates.

The Overall Health of Healthcare

Changes to improve healthcare have certainly been needed. Government requirements placed on health insurance and guidelines affecting medical claim payments is a start in achieving the goal of evidenced based care that focuses on patient outcomes. Chronic disease prevention versus management supports additional improvements evolving in today’s healthcare. According to Nueterra, an international leader in advancing healthcare, allowing consumers, providers, employers and payers to connect, integrate, and collaborate through mutually beneficial joint ventures, affordable and quality care will be delivered. Bringing it all together with industry-leading protocols for quality outcomes and operational efficiency for reduced healthcare costs could be a strategy for the future success and benefit of America’s healthcare.

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