How to Go About Getting a Promotion

How To Go About Getting A Promotion

There are many important things in life, but your career can influence every other aspect of it. It is where you go to make something of yourself, and to earn an income that will help you to provide for your family and do the things you have never been able to afford before now. Yet, sometimes you know you could give more at work, and your managers haven’t realised it. So it might be time for you to show off why you deserve a promotion, and a pay rise. Here is how you can go about it:

How To Go About Getting A Promotion

Be helpful

You can show your true colours by always behind on hand when a manager or co-worker needs some help. Whether this is by carrying some mugs from the kitchen to the desks, or typing up a lengthy report, you will show that you are an invaluable member of the team. If you are constantly demonstrating this, senior staff will realise how much of an effort you are putting in. So you might end up doing the tasks that some people avoid (picking up the phones, locking up in the evening, going to the shop to get a pint of milk) but it could pay off for you in the long run.

Put in Extra Hours

Sometimes the most helpful thing you could do is to work late a couple of evenings a week, or come in extra early. Not only will the office be nice and quiet during these periods, but you will also manage to reduce your workload by getting lot of the niggling tasks out of the way. If you make it into the office before your manager, they will notice your presence when they arrive themselves – this can only look good on your employee file.

Learn Extra Skills

Another thing you could do is to learn some extra skills to make yourself more valuable as an employee. For example you could take an online IT course (see here) if you know that you could improve in that area, or you could go on a leadership training workshop if you want to be promoted into a managerial position. Even if you aren’t able to get a promotion after learning these new skills, they should be an important addition to your CV for future positions. Have a think about what skills could benefit you both now and in the future, and then have a look online for suitable providers.

Sit Down with your Manager

Finally, you might want to book in an hour to sit down with your manager or supervisor about your performance. Many companies already offer employees the chance to do this in the form of appraisals, but you should instigate it yourself if no appointments are forthcoming from management. You’ll show that you are keen to progress yourself as a member of staff, as well as displaying your loyalty to the organisation. Many managers will be pleased that you are taking these steps rather than looking for a job elsewhere.

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