How To Have Fun On A Bus In 6 Steps

How To Have Fun On A Bus In 6 Steps

Today transportation by bus is becoming more popular because many people realize how fun it can be. But preparing for any trip takes time, and when it comes to sitting on a bus, it may take a little more preparation than usual. So here are 6 tips to while away the time on a bus:

1. Know your Group

You have to learn who you are going with and what these people like to do. You can take a vote prior to the trip to see if you can find an activity that everyone will enjoy a lot. Or you can divide the bus into group of interests and sit them in a way so that they can enjoy their activities together. Taking a short poll before the trip, especially if the trip is longer than two hours, may be very important.

2. Take a Box of Fun things with you

Magazines and books can be something that people don’t think of doing on a bus, but when they get tired of looking out the window for an hour, they may appreciate a few mags or a book. Games are also good and you can take a few of them as well.

How To Have Fun On A Bus In 6 Steps

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3. Hire a Tour Guide

Even if you are not going on a sightseeing trip, if you are passing through interesting places, a guide can help you revive the hours on the bus. They can tell you everything about how this land was hundreds of years ago, and American history is rich so probably anywhere you go, it is be amusing to learn more about it.

4. Sing Songs

Depending on who you are going with, young kids or enthusiastic seniors, you may like to sing songs on the bus. You need to prepare handouts with the lyrics to help people know what they are doing. You can also check if it’s possible to do karaoke on the bus and bring your favorite disk with you. This may be a really fun way to start the trip and put everyone in the right mood.

5. Movies

Watching movies on the bus may be a great way to pass the time and modern coach buses are well equipped and have the latest entertainment systems on them. You can play neutral movies that everyone loves and that no one will be offended by. It is a great way to help people enjoy the trip and not be bored on it.

6. Have a Rest

Some folks will love to have a rest on the bus, sleep or just lie down in silence. You will need a couple of travel kits for that. Blankets, pillows, earplugs and eye masks can be the way to go. Even if you are going to a fun event have those at hand in case anyone wants to shut their eyes. Having plastic bags is also good for emergencies that you don’t want to clean yourself.
We hope these tips will help you enjoy the trip more.

Mike Sergeev for with the assistance from charter bus company in New York.

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