How To Hold Effective Meetings Every Time?

Meetingsare said to be one of the most boring times, when everybody is just thinking about what they are actually doing there?Nothing is bad then pointless, stretched, boring meetings.As per a survey conducted in the US, according to the employees the, top time and productivity killing thing was nothing else but ‘meeting’.No one likes to attend meeting but to turn such highly boring meetings into effective and interesting; there are some tips for you!

Top five tips to hold effective meetings:

  1. Be specific: Nothing is better than telling and knowing things point to point, no extra large stories or essays are required to be used in meetings. You should know the basic aim or reason behind your meeting. Meetings shouldn’t be very long, rather in a short time span, things should be made understood. It doesn’t waste time and energy of anyone and hence providing an effective meeting.

  2. Be choosy while inviting: It means that if you want to make some kind of announcement related to technical team but you are asking the management team also to join the meeting then it’s a problem. As if the relevancy of the topic with meeting persons is not there then they won’t be able to feel the meeting rather they would criticize their presence. So you should be particular while inviting. Invite only those whose presence really matters. Don’t make the attendees to feel that they have made a mistake by coming to the meeting.

  3. Make proper schedule: Schedule form where to start from, what topics to cover, how much explanation for each topic, time for each topic, where to end etc. should be made already. This prevents confusion, wastage of time and energy. Along with this, the meeting doesn’t look stretched rather it looks even more professional.

  4. Ban any kind of entertainment: Phones, iPads, iPodsetc shouldn’t be allowed in meeting rooms. As they need to focus themselves to the technology to be used in the meeting itself. They don’t let the person to focus on the meeting.

  5. Be punctual: Not only the starting of the meeting be on exact time rather the ending should also be. So as to save your meeting from becoming boring and headache just over the lecture and end it on the allotted time. If someone is wasting your time by keep on speaking than tell him that you honor his presence but you need other’s guidance as well and the time is limited. Such things can stop your meeting from becoming stretched and boring.

So these were some of the most effective ways you can add to your meeting and hence saving to be called as the ‘worst time’. No one likes stretched, pointless things to be discussed while you have much other kind of loads, also so make sure you maintain punctuality, discipline and a positive attitude while attending any kind of meetings or seminars. Furthermore, if you take the time to implement meeting room management solution, like Pronestor Room, you can save a lot of time from planning and organizing the meeting or seminar!

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