How To Improve Your Golf Swing: Three Tips

Numerous golfers are held back from better performance because of one simple thing: the way they swing. You may know that swinging is a weak point, but the question often remains: What to do about it? For many golfers, a beautiful swing is all too rare an accident. However, if you can swing wonderfully once, there’s no reason you can’t replicate the same every time you swing the club. In most cases, following three simple tips is enough to help golfers undo their unhelpful habits and perform at their very best – regularly and reliably.

1. Put an end to the chicken wing

The chicken wing is a plague for many golfers. It happens when you fail to initiate from your lower body during downswing, when you have insufficient shoulder strength or when you aren’t sufficiently flexible. To avoid the problem, do exercises for your shoulders, lats and rear delts.

2. Casting warning

If you breakdown in your downswing, you may have a problem with “cast-ing.” Named after the movement of a casting fisherman, this motion happens when you release your wrists to early, changing their angle relative to the club. To fix the problem, do strength ex-ercises to build up your arms. Plus, note the timing of your movement, as you swing.

3. End the sway and slide

When the lower body shifts to the right (if you’re a righty), instead of rotating around a vertical axis, you do the “sway and slide.” Usually, the leg locks, and the power of the swing is diminished. To improve this, you can do groin stretches as well as leg, hip and trunk extensions.
Mentally and physically exacting, golf is a unique sport for its combined demands. If you want to further perfect your command of the game, there’s no better place than Murray River. Golfers who select one of the more enjoyable Murray River Golf trips can practice their swings while taking in courses such as Numurkah Golf & Bowls Club (

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