How To Make Our Campaigns More Profitable In International Internet Marketing?

When we want to attract qualified traffic coming from other countries to our website, any internet marketing strategy should be more studied than when we analyze a campaign in the local market. Meet factors such as customer profile, market size, price elasticity and profitability are important points to consider in a traditional marketing campaign offline. But on the web there are many factors to consider and that are closely related to each of the tools used in any internet marketing plan. Taking them into account is one of the first tasks to be performed.

Search Engine Optimization: Defining Key Word

By positioning our website in the search engines, choosing keywords is the starting point for success in this internet marketing tool. When we try to position ourselves in another country, for example, speak Spanish, and we assume that you do not have to make any changes in the choice of keywords, i.e. the chosen keyword in Spain will also help to Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia, and vice versa, because the language is officially spoken. Well, not all cases are that simple. Some Internet users when seeking information know this and use the words for the same thing but if we make it easy we will get better positions in the results of their searches.

Content Management: Translation of Contents

Most of the webs have a habit, when designing your version in another language, and then simply translate the contents. This may bring some disadvantages; if for example a web real estate has a news section in Spanish and their news is “the evolution of indebtedness of the Spanish to buy homes in the Costa del Sol” will surely fall into the temptation to translate this news and place it in the English version of its website. But would not it be more interesting to the target audience of this page, which may be an Englishman living in your country, read a story about “the evolution of the debt of English to buy homes in the Area”. What I mean by this example is that it should not be translated literally but rather by certain content acclimatizes the target audience; the best way to do the above example is to look for original sources in English on other sites that discuss these topics and then insert them into our site. This is what we call localization of content.

Increasing Popularity: Search and Alta Link

Among the activities it is necessary to increase the popularity of a website by getting a quality links to it. Within the pages that can provide us good quality links and traffic are some thematic directories and regional. It is true that a small group of seekers causes a lot of traffic, it is also true that there are some countries where regional directories are nearly as used by its Internet local world famous search engines.

Cost Per Click Tools: Opportunity to Insert Sponsored Links

When managing a sponsored link, one of the most important variables to pass a budget is the unit cost per word. It is well known that trying to exit at the top of the first page of results cost much to certain words. Similarly, the cost also varies according to the country where it is desired that the sponsored ad appears. Since the price of the word moves according to the demand of competition, we have to take into account the number of active competitors in this tool that exist in other countries. For example, position in English words is much more expensive than Italian words, given the very different competitors in one language and the other.

It is also considered that sometimes it is rejected because theoretically countries thinks “there is much local competition”, but in reality it’s not, so for other factors that we can ignore. For example, companies in Venezuela cannot comfortably use sponsored links in Google because there is now a shift control in this country bordering obtaining dollars that can be used for e-commerce links. You must also take into account the exchange rate disparity between two given countries and an often large cost per click that companies do not take into account. For Google, the minimum cost of a click is 0.05 euros or dollars. What they have not taken into account in search engines is that 100 euros for Spanish may represent 10% of his salary for another country, while 50 euros can represent 100% of his salary and consequently in a country you can spend more.

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Other Ideas to Consider:

a) In Europe 50% of Internet users have broadband, what other regions believe that this percentage is as high. Still customers with a speed of 56Kb are a major proportion, so the pages with little weight remain the most read.

b) One of the best places to get an exporter or importer are certain websites created mostly by the government of each country where they have business directories looking for importers and exporters companies seeking.

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