How To Organise A Rocking Anniversary Party?

Anniversaries are the most important events in your life because it is the time to reminisce one of the sweetest moments in your life, your marriage. A marriage is a bond for ever. It must be remembered every year and celebrated with near and dear ones. The anniversary party does not necessarily have to be lavish and huge. You can also have a simple party with your most loved ones. The aim is to have a great time.

If you are organising an anniversary party, here are some tips to make your event a grand success

Invitation : You do not need o waste money and effort on paper invitations. Send out e invites that are fancy and effective. You can also have a short movie like clipping made along with the couple so that you can just WhatsApp the video t the guests. Make sure that you spend less on the invitation.

Guests : Who do you invite? Make sure that you invite all the people who were present during the wedding of the couple. It will almost be like the replay of the same events that happened year ago. So, all the near and dear ones of the couple must be invited. If possible, collect aRSVP form the guests to know who all are coming.

How To Organise A Rocking Anniversary Party?

Cake : In any party, the cake is a must. No celebration is complete without the cutting of the cake. So, order anniversary cake, and get it delivered on time. Let the cake be simple and classy. You can add a picture of the couple on the cake to add a personal touch to it.

Venue : For a great party, you need a perfect venue. Where are you going to host the party? Decide a suitable venue keeping in mind the number of guests who will be coming to the party. Think if you can host the anniversary party at the couple’s home, or if you need to book a party hall if the guest is more in number. Where ever you host the party, make sure that the guest can easily locate the place and attend the party.

Decor : The highlight of any party will be the decor. Let the decor be minimal and classy. After all, it is not a five-year-old kid’s party that you are hosting. It is a grown-upcouples anniversary. Use gold and silver coolers to decorate the venue. You can use simple white roses or lilies to adorn the stage. Tiny fairy lights are enough. Do not use shining disco lights that give the elders a headache.

Dress code : It is best to leave the dress code to the couple or the guests wish. As all of them are adults, you cannot order them to wear something that they cannot relate to. So, let them wear formals or semi casuals. If you want, you can theme the party as retro so the guests wear the clothes of their times.

These are some important things to take care while hosting an anniversary party. Make sure that you order anniversary cake online India and look into other preparations so there is no hitch at the last moment.

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