How To Perform Proper Regrouting In Our House?

Grime, mildew and mold could cause bad thing in our bathroom. Unfortunately, even grout cleaner and bleach can’t do the trick. In this situation people can get panic and they start to rip the floor out and replace it with the new one. Instead of replacing the tile, it is probably better to hire professional regrouting services. Experienced regrouters are able to make the bathroom looks much newer again at only a fraction of the price. They may use carbide blade and oscillating tool to complete the job in just 6 hours or less. First of all, the regrouter will removed moldy, dark caulk from the bathtub and shower pan; as well as from the corners. After this stage, we should be ready for the more difficult part of the job.

The next phase would be to grind out the old grout. The loose grout and dust can be vacuumed out before we install the new grout. It may be necessary to rinse twice to completely remove the grout haze. Fresh bead of silicone can be added along base joints and corners. About one week later, we can apply the grout sealer and we should be able to enjoy the new look of our shower. This can be achieved for only about $700. Areas suitable for regrouting may include bathrooms, showers, floors, kitchen splash backs, fireplace, balcony and patio. Compared to replacing our tiles, regrouting is clearly more beneficial. It could give our tiled areas a brand new look and just a fraction of the total cost.

If we decide to completely re-tile the floors, we will need to spend money on a whole set of new tiles, disposal and removal of old tiles and charges for laying and grouting of these new tiles. In bathroom, we will need to reapply the waterproofing layer. It is also possible that the plumbing, fitting and fixtures are affected by the re-tiling works. Re-tiling obviously takes more time to complete and in some cases, it won’t be completed in just one day. Regrouting is more convenient to do and we could carry this out with much less down time, compared to full renovation and retiling. In an increasingly, green conscious society; it is not considered a good thing to throw away structurally-sound tiles in land fill.

It is clear that regrouting is a green solution and we will be able to save on carbon emission. In an era where conservation is a big concern; re-tiling is often a poort option. We should do our bit to properly save the whole environment. Re-grouting provides us with a way to increase the property value at much lower costs. Good regrouting job throughout our house may add thousands of dollars to the overall house values. Patio, balcony, kitchen and bathroom are more often exposed to moisture, so regrouting should be able to significantly improve the value of our house. A basic rule in investing is by spending a fraction of the overall gain that we may potentially get.

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