How To Post A 3D Photo On Your Facebook from Your Mobile

Sharing approved photos with your Facebook peers is the new craze these days, in fact the biggest craze of modern era –and not surprisingly, Facebook photos are evolving.

Over the accomplished few weeks you’ve acceptable appear beyond an alternate photo whilst browsing your Facebook feed. Such photos acquaint you to authority your buzz up and move it about to appearance altered locations of the photo.

It’s a fun way of examination alleged 360-degree photos. The accuracy is, however, you don’t charge a appropriate camera or even a 360-degree photo app in adjustment to upload your own alternate picture.

Before we proceed, I’d like to mention a hat tip to Simon Dyer from for letting us know that Facebook will only work with photos that are 100 degrees or bigger

Dedicated Camera Charge not Apply

But should you wish to jump aboard the 360-degree camera movement, there is an account of cameras Facebook clearly supports:

  • Ricoh Theta S
  • Giroptic 360 Cam
  • Samsung Gear 360
  • LG 360 Cam
  • IC RealtechALLie
  • 360Fly
  • Panono

Each one of these cameras can abduction your absolute ambience in a individual shot, but appear at a abrupt amount in a lot of instances.

Your Buzz is the Bigger Choice

Chances are you own a buzz or book that will plan with the new Facebook feature. According to Facebook, annihilation newer than an iPhone 4S, iPad Mini 2 or either iPad Air and iPad Pro archetypal will work. Facebook doesn’t account an alternation of Android accessories (let’s be honest, that account would be far too long), but does accurately accompaniment application a Galaxy accessory newer than Samsung Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 3 will work.

Owners of a non-Samsung Android accessory can use the Google Camera app.

The not-so-new Method

Naturally, not just any ol’ photo will plan with Facebook’s 360-degree viewer, so what’s the secret?

You charge to use the camera app on your accessory to yield a panorama photo. That’s it. You apparently accept a brace in your camera cycle appropriate now, just cat-and-mouse to be uploaded and aggregate with the Facebook world.

Or you can go one footfall added and use the Google Street Appearance (Android | iOS) app to yield an accurate 360-degree photo apple and upload it.

There is one affair to accumulate in apperception if demography a panorama to upload: Facebook states this affection will alone plan with photos that are 100 degrees or bigger. Unfortunately there’s no simple way to see just how big a photo is (in agreement of degrees, at least), so if you don’t wish to abduction the abounding landscape, you’ll charge to do some balloon and absurdity to get a bigger abstraction of the actual size.


Uploading a panorama photo to Facebook is done application the aforementioned adjustment to upload all your added photos: Open Facebook, tap Photo, baddest a picture, post. Also, you can’t upload added than one panorama photo at a time.

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