How To Pull Information From A Website

Did you know that you can scrape data from the Internet such as phones numbers, e-mail addresses and many more? But it’s not just that, you can extract content such as e-commerce data, tables, statistics and all in a very organized way.

Just contact our web scraping company to explain your project and we will handle the rest.

The process is called web scraping services and what it basically means is the process of using certain Software Tools and extensive knowledge to extract information from one website or more websites. This information can be anything from contact information to product information to laws, news, articles, announcements, etc. We use tools, algorithms and extensive knowledge of the web to extract this information. Each project that’s done is very different. There is no tool that can extract the data from a website exactly the way you want it. And having the data exactly the way you want it, might make a difference between having 2 weeks of extra work or not having extra work at all.

The data can be extracted for example, directly to an Excel table that you can use, or a database which you can integrate with your software platform. The possibilities are endless. Once you have that information there and organized, one can do analysis or even edit it. Not just text can be scraped from the internet, but images as well. We can scrape any kind of image from the internet, either from a specific website, or maybe just by keyword. A website can also be extracted to a PDF file which you can print, or to image files, like screenshots. It’s all a matter of what you need from that information and what you want to do with it.

Websites can also be monitored for changes or can be analysed periodically so that you do not miss out on anything good and new.

Not everything can be extracted. Sometimes that information is organized in such a mixed and complicated way, that it becomes very hard to extract, but those cases are very rare. Most of the time any information can be extracted if not using a semi-automatic process, then manually. Most of the European languages can be read without any problems and even transliterations of some languages can be extracted. Some images or video content may not be downloaded using regular means, but after a thorough analysis, solutions are always found to fix this issue.

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