How To Transition To A Natural Hair Care Routine

How To Transition To A Natural Hair Care Routine

The chemicals and additives used in traditional hair care products can really do a number on the way your hair looks and feels. Residue build-up can leave your hair looking dull and flat and some products simply don’t do what they promise. Switching to a natural hair care routine is optimal, because it will minimize your hair’s exposure to harsh chemicals while using natural ingredients to cleanse your hair and scalp and improve your overall look.

Transitioning to a natural hair care routine should be easy, but for those on the go it can feel a bit daunting and time consuming. There are a few simple things you can do to get the process started.

Stop Overusing Product

Look around your bathroom or bedroom and I am pretty sure you’ll see what most see – tons and tons of partially used styling products. A lot of us use far too much product in our hair, especially after making a major style change. Using too much will actually make your hair look greasy, which will lead us to wash too much, which leads to dry hair. Sensing the pattern?

First, cut back on the amount of product you use. Then start looking for natural and organic product alternatives. Sites like offer a wide variety of organic, natural hair care solutions. Natural hair care doesn’t mean you have to give up on treating your hair properly. There are plenty of choices for dry, normal, and oily hair for cleansing, conditioning, and styling.

How To Transition To A Natural Hair Care Routine

Stop Over Cleansing

As we mentioned, washing your hair too frequently isn’t necessarily a good thing. Washing too often can actually strip your hair’s natural oils away, making your hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Avoid this by washing your hair every other day, or every third day. You may find your hair feels a bit greasy at first, as your body readjusts, but you should find that your hair looks and feels cleaner, softer, and less brittle after a short period of time.

Incorporate Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for your health and well-being, overall, but a lot of people don’t think about using them in their hair. Rosemary essential oil can do wonders when it comes to de-tangling. Don’t panic if buying oils alone seems too complicated or overwhelming. There are plenty of natural hair care products and conditioners that include rosemary oil as one of their ingredients. This means you can keep up your normal “routine” while giving your hair a better selection of nutrients.

Choose Your Foods Wisely

You’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat,” right? This applies to your hair, too. Skin, hair, and nails all respond to the nutrients they’re fed. If you eat a lot of processed food packed with preservatives and unnatural ingredients, your hair will lose body and look unhealthy. Eating foods that are plant-based, organic, and fresh will keep your hair healthier.

You’ll find there are tons of options out there, especially when it comes to natural body care. You can make your own products or buy them in stores or online. At the end of the day, though, you can easily make this transition without expending tons of extra time and energy. Make one small change at a time and turn each change into a habit before you try another. You’ll ultimately love the results and your hair will thank you!

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