How To Use A Limo To Sweep Her Off Her Feet

She keeps checking her phone every now and then – not just to see what you have texted but more because of you have texted. She keeps bringing you up in conversation with her girlfriends who turn green with envy each time she mentions your name. No matter the topic, she just has a way of navigating it back to you. She rearranges her schedule to see you just before you take a business trip – because you have swept her off her feet. Sounds like a fairy tale? Well, it is totally possible.

Limo Perth hire Ideas to Make Memories

Well, before you get overly excited and call for the limo, you have to start by paying attention to the girl. What are her favourite colours? What are her favourite foods? Who is her favourite musician? What is her ideal date? Women love talking and it is very easy to get this information from your crush – just strike a conversation and listen attentively. If you have a mutual female friend, you can as well enlist their help in determining the best way to sweep her off her feet.

Granted, women are different in taste but you can never go wrong with a limousine. Whatever kind of night you have planned out, you can never go wrong with a limo service.  Of course you still need to do the extra work of picking out an itinerary that would appeal most to your girl.  For instance, some ladies love elaborate dinners in exquisite restaurants while others would prefer going shopping at the mall. Whatever your girl likes, there is one common denominator amongst all women the world over- they all love some romance. Just ask the girl that was taken to prom in a limousine – she has probably never gotten over the experience!

But you have to know how to approach her. Even though no woman would turn down a romantic gesture, most would immediately turn you down if you come to quickly on them. They need to be slowly coaxed into the romantic experience so you may want to think twice before you appear with a limousine for your first date. Nonetheless, limo services can be great for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and marriage proposals.  Limousines are great if you are already in a steady relationship and it is one of the most romantic ways of showing a woman that you care about her so much that you are willing to go to such lengths to make her happy.

Nothing impresses a woman more than knowing you listen to her. For instance, if she happened to mention that she hates roses but loves lilies, bring her a bouquet of her favourite flowers. Or take her to a restaurant where they serve her favourite cuisine and order her favourite wine. Nothing sweeps a woman off her feet more thank knowing that her man actually pays attention when she is sharing her likes and dislikes during normal day to day conversations. So order a limo service today and give your woman the treat of her life!

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