Hyundai Leading The Way On Fuel Cell Cars

Hyundai has a very full menu of new product on the way but the most interesting and exciting must be the ix35 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, the first mass production release of a hydrogen car in the UK – and the world. The clean and green SUV will be eligible for the government’s HyFive £15,000 ultra low emissions vehicle grant, which should be a huge incentive.

The Fuel of the Future

The ix35 Fuel Cell has already been available to fleet buyers since last year but private buyers will soon have the opportunity to get into clean, green and economical SUV motoring. Dealerships are taking orders for the ix35 FCEV now. The government’s HyFive initiative will see another three hydrogen refilling stations installed in London for a total of five, and more planned. 15 hydrogen fuelling stations should be available countrywide by the end of this year.

A full tank of hydrogen should produce a 350 mile range and the driving experience is said to feel like a traditional combustion engine. The ix35 offers a top speed of 100mph and gets from 0-62mph in 12.5 seconds. It is priced from £53,105.

The advantages of hydrogen as vehicle fuel include cheaper prices to refill and zero tailpipe emissions – except water. The hydrogen fuel produces electricity to power the car, which means a quiet, smooth motor as seen in other electric cars.

Otherwise At Hyundai

Along with the ix35 FCEV, Hyundai also has updated versions of the i30 and i20 available now and order books are now open for the updated i40. The firm’s flagship Genesis saloon has also been released for the first time in the UK, offering an upmarket finish to compete with premium brands such as Jaguar and BMW. visit for used cars for sale Derby and for new Hyundais, Alfa Romeos, Chryslers and Jeeps.

Meanwhile, later this year the standard ix35 will be replaced with a smart new Tucson, as the firm plans to revive the nameplate last used in the UK in 2009. This is part of a strategic move by Hyundai to rationalise its product range and position itself closer to premium brands, including a high quality fit and finish over the whole model line up.

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