Ideal Font Style and Color For Web Design

Ideal Font Style and Color For Web Design

Choosing the best font style and color for your website is no easy challenge. It is all about striking the right balance. You want your font style and color choice to be striking and visually appealing, however it also needs to be legible. There are many fonts out there that are fancy and look beautiful, yet they are a nightmare when it comes to reading them! Keeping that in mind, keep on reading to discover everything you need to know about selecting the ideal font style and color for your website.

Legibility > Beauty

First and foremost, you can sacrifice the beauty of a font for legibility purposes, but you should never sacrifice legibility of beauty! Yes, your font may look impressive in terms of design, but if no one can read it, what’s the point? The font you choose needs to be easy to read! No one is going to bother to strain their eyes. Instead, they are going to click off your website and take their service elsewhere, which is the last thing you want.

Be Creative

This doesn’t mean you cannot be creative! There are plenty of fonts out there that look stunning and are also easy to read. Why not take advantage of one of the most popular trends in Miami web design? Diverse typography! A lot of designers are using several different fonts in one sentence or message to create a striking event. This is extremely effective and can have a great impression on all website viewers, ensuring important pieces of information have the impact you are looking for.

When in doubt, go for Black and White!

Research indicates that viewers respond much better to black text on a white background, or indeed white text on a black background. It’s logical – there are no other two colours that are as contrasting as black and white, and thus they are easier to read. If you are feeling unsure about what colours to utilize, black and white is the safest option. It’s not boring either, it’s professional and monochrome will always be in style.


Your choice of font and color needs to reflect your brand. This is imperative. Every decision made in Miami web design is done with the purpose of reinforcing your corporate identity. Let’s say you run a nursery. The use of vibrant colours would fit well, as would pretty pale shades, such as baby blue and baby pink. You can also have more fun with your fonts, go for something more bold and funky. Now, imagine if you applied the same choices to a law firm. It wouldn’t work, would it? It would create a mixed message, leaving viewers confused about who you are as a business.

Think About Their On Screen Function

You need to think about what fonts are going to work best on screen. You may be sitting at home viewing your website on a big desktop computer. But someone else may be viewing it on a small smartphone screen. Is the font going to be easy to read on both? You don’t only need to consider the font style, but the proportions as well. You will typically have to omit finer details, as they do not render well on screen. Going for a larger x-height is also advisable. If you are feeling unsure about font style, sans serifs is typically a successful option to go for.

Test, Test And Test Some More

Last but not least, you are never really going to know if your choice of font and color is effective unless you test them. Continuous testing is imperative as well. Try your website on various different browsers, platforms and devices. The biggest mistake companies make is failing to test their products and thus allowing problems to carry on without realizing, which obviously has a negative impact in terms of bounce rate and corporate image.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the different considerations you should take into account when choosing the best font style and color for your website. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It can have a huge impact on the number of people that visit your site and actually stay on it, as well as your brand image.

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