Ideas For Your Basement Finishing Project

The basement is potentially the largest space in your house and is often the one that is unused.  In many houses it is simply the space where the boiler lives, the laundry is done and possibly some DIY jobs.  However, this space has the capability to be much more; with the right approach and the right team you can undertake a basement finishing project and completely transform your basement into a stunning addition to your home.  The best part is that this approach provides the benefits of an extension in terms of additional space and additional value, without the associated cost.

Before you undertake any basement finishing project it is essential to seek out the services of a professional firm, such as The Basement Finishing Company in Toronto; you can even find inspiration for your basement from their website Basement Finishing Company.

The Family Room

This is one of the most popular ideas for the basement; it is often designed to replace the small and not particularly practical family room on the main floor.  The huge space downstairs can house a living room or even a small cinema whilst also having space for a table tennis table or even a snooker table.  The television or cinema screen can also double as an excellent screen for playing video games with the family.  In addition the room can make an excellent space for your children to entertain their friends whilst you enjoy the upstairs living room.

The size of a basement family room will also allow you to have family gatherings, even including the extended family for special occasions.  In effect a well designed basement room can help to bring your family closer together.

The Bar

Your basement finishing project could involve adding a bar and games area for you to meet your friends in.  This could be particularly relevant if you want a private space which will not disturb your wife.  You can kit the room out to incorporate your preferred game; whether poker or darts and even a TV to watch sport on.

A New Kitchen

Another option is to turn your basement into a new, state of the art kitchen area.  This is often a good option if the existing kitchen is limited in size or potential and needs a revamp.  By moving the kitchen downstairs you can utilize the space upstairs to add a second family room, a study or even an extra bedroom; depending upon your needs.

A Self-Contained Suite

At first glance the basement may not seem the most attractive option for creating an annex which can support your loved ones comfortably.  However, with a little creative design, the basement can have a beautiful finishing and be a delightful space for anyone to live in.  Most basements are big enough to accommodate a bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom.  Alternatively your loved ones can share some of your facilities and have a larger living area.  The options are endless and with the right firm helping you, the basement can be transformed into a truly stunning space.

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