Importance and Applications Of IGF In Body Building

Importance and Applications Of IGF In Body Building

Insulin and Diabetes are closely related to each other. Once the name of insulin is seen, the immediate thought which comes to our mind is diabetes. In real scenario, there are lots to learn about insulin than just diabetes. Insulin is one of the important factors that each and every body builder takes into account. The amount of insulin that is present in the body of the bulkers plays a major role in cutting and bulking cycles. By controlling the amount of insulin in your body, it helps in burning the fat in day by day basis, thus useful in cutting and bulking cycles.

Importance and Applications Of IGF In Body Building

Insulin for Body Builders

Body builders concentrate much on the insulin part. Muscles are made up of protein and hence it is obvious that in order to build a stronger muscle, the amount of protein that is present in your body should be substantially high. Apart from proteins, the muscles also depend on insulin for proper growth. The storage of the muscle glycogen is purely responsible by insulin. Thus insulin acts like a weapon for healthy muscle growth. Also, the protein synthesis which is very much essential for muscle growth is taken care by Insulin. Apart from helping in building the muscle, it also aids in the breakdown of muscle. Another important role of insulin for body builders is that it transports amino acids into the cells of the muscle.

IGF-1 and Insulin

The IGF-1 is known as Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 which is a hormone that is naturally present in the body. This IGF-1 exhibits similar properties to that of the insulin. This IGF-1 is produced in the liver as a result of the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). IGF-1 is responsible for proper growth of organs in the body. Dwarfism which has become a common problem these days is the result of the lack of IGF-1 in the body. The lack of IGF -1 is affected by various factors in the human body. Some of them are

  • Growth Hormone Secretion
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Nutritional Status

The primary use of IGF-1 is to burn down the fat and maintain a lean muscle mass. Users who are used to IGF-1 state that it does a very good job in reducing the fatigue. This IGF-1 is present at a substantial amount during child birth. Later it decreases gradually upon various stages of an individual. In order to overcome this decline of IGF-1, many people use various forms of IGF-1 like deer antler sprays for generating higher levels of those hormones.

Uses of IGF-1

IGF-1 is not that any people can intake. It has to be taken only under proper administration and dosage. There are many suppliers who sell IGF-1 deer antler sprays online. The sprayssold by these online suppliersprovide details about the product you buy. You can initially start buying samples for testing and once if you are satisfied with your results, you can actually start the course. As the sprays sold by these online suppliers are at large, one has to be careful in choosing a trusted supplier for transaction.

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