Importance of Matrimony Sites In Hindu Culture

In Hinduism, there is the common belief that relationships, especially that of the husband and wife is sacramental; something that goes beyond this life and the next. A strong relationship between the husband and wife will lead to a bond that lasts several lifetimes. Some people say that they (husband and wife) may switch roles (in other lives) and even part ways to come back together after a couple of lifetimes. Whatever the truth maybe, marriages in Hindu culture are a serious affair. The sad part is that, of late, there have been many divorces and bitter relationships, especially among the youth. It may be because of lack of understanding on both sides. Matrimony sites can help prevent that. Surprised? Read more to know more.

Importance of Matrimony Sites In Hindu Culture

Marriages are made in matrimony sites

Though marriages are made in heaven, to make it happen you have to get online and register in the matrimony sites. Both parents and the would-be brides and grooms search for people with the help of matrimony sites. In certain cases, they take the role of dating sites. For a woman, marriage is a serious life-changing situation because she leaves her parent’s house permanently while she goes to live with her husband and his family. Therefore, it is very important that characters and cultures match. That is why the consent of elders is very important. To get this match in the perfect order, people seek out matrimony sites. Of course, marriage is a life changing decision for the man too, because he is no longer the carefree bachelor; the hopes and aspirations of his wife and children lie with him.

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How it happens in matrimony sites

As soon as the parents of the girl register in matrimony sites, they start searching for the perfect groom. They weigh each probable profile by taking into account a number of factors like caste, family background, behavior, financial status of the family. Arranged marriages go through several stages and serious considerations and reconsiderations before they actually happen. But marriages like that usually last a lifetime.

The concept of arranged marriages however is not exclusive to Indian culture. Ancient kings and queens, especially in England had arranged marriages. Marriages were thus an alliance that fulfilled political needs and ambitions. In India, many affluent families seek arranged marriages to progress their business interests.

In India, girls started looking for suitable boys and vice versa as matrimonial sites became popular. Once they find a suitable profile, they will inform their parents who will decide whether to take the relationship forward or not. Many parents encourage their children to look for partners belonging to the same caste, creed and financial condition because they believe that it will make their lives easier.

Matrimonial sites play a major role in finding probable suitors abroad. Parents settled abroad would like to have an India bride or groom, and visiting a matrimony site would solve this problem for them. There are community-based search options too where you would be able to find a suitable partner from the same community. You can never say arranged marriages are better or love marriages are better; many parents however prefer to visit matrimony sites to get the best for their children.

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