Important Tips For Cooking In New York Apartments

Important Tips For Cooking In New York Apartments

When you move to a new apartment in New York City, there are three things that are most likely to happen. The first might be that you change your whole wardrobe, it is NY after all, and you start wishing all your shoes were more comfortable, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking. The second would be to start judging the taste of coffee people drink, because everyone in NY is a coffee expert! And thirdly you might find yourself feeling lonely in this big city, and food just might be the solution to keep the blues away. New York City is a haven for any food lover, as you can try any country’s best dishes, at any time of the day.
Important Tips For Cooking In New York Apartments
Within the first few months you will find yourself tempted to try out every restaurant in the city, until you find your favorites. This couldeat up more than half of your paycheck and continuing this way could be a problem. Then you start ordering home deliveries from the local Sushi or Thai restaurant, and reach the stage when the restaurants start addressing you by your first name. I for one appreciate the simultaneous craving for Pizzas and tacos, but that’s just me.
Once this initial stage starts to fade, you realize that your clothes and bank accounts are getting tighter. This is the moment you start to realize that you have to start being more selective eating out. When this moment arrives, you will ask your parents or your sister to send you a cookbook or recommend old family recipes, which will be delicious and won’t break the bank.
You will stock up your refrigerator with all the ingredients, open the cook book and realize that you don’t have the utensils to cook any of the dishes; neither do you had the space in your kitchen to cook. Next you close your book, take the phone and order some Chinese food. You put the cook book on the coffee table, use it as a coaster until it collects dust, and ultimately you donate it to someone. My advice: Don’t give up. Cooking a great dish in a New York apartment is easy considering you are cooking something simple and delicious. Here are a few tips that can help you cook.

  1. Use your oven in the right way. Bacon is a great start. The best way to cook bacon is to put your oven on 400 degrees, then put the bacon on an aluminum foil and roast it for 14 minutes. Flip over the bacon halfway through and I guarantee you will have perfectly cooked bacon every time.
  2. Wearing shoes is very important while cooking because it might help prevent you from burning your toes and legs from boiling water, but also from any objects, like a knife, or a watermelon, falling on your toe.
  3. Maximizing your kitchen space is essential as probably you are working on 18 square inches of counter space. So get your thinking cap on and start being creative. For example you can keep the cutting board across on the sink as it will free up more space on the counter.
  4. Get a real knife to cut anything. A serrated 8 inch knife that you got from someone is not going to cut anything. Get a solid 7 inch chef’s style knife. It will cut everything in a Furnished Apartment NYC.

Try to stay calm. If you drop an egg don’t panic as it costs just 26 cents. If you don’t have more than one outlet in the kitchen, then plug your toaster in the living room. The point is to stay calm and use your creative sense to use your entire apartment to make your life, and cooking, easier.

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