Important Tips For SAT Preparation

SAT is an important test for students that are planning to study in the college of their dreams. When you think of all the colleges that you wish to apply to, you must consider taking the SAT. There is no definite preparation time for SAT, you must know that if you start very late, you may not be able to finish all the content before the exam with ample mock test practice and if you start too early, you may need several revisions before the exam which can also cause a loss of interest in the exam. Though this institute provides the best SAT prep programs, you need to figure out a study schedule that fits everything taught in class in your brain.

The time to take SAT

  1. Before starting any test prep, it is essential that you know when you are giving the exam. The best time to give the first SAT is during your junior year, which is ample time before college applications.
  2. If you wish to retake your exam, you can do so in spring next year so that your marks are top notch. This way, your senior year will be free of any exam tension and you can focus on college applications.
  3. Your study schedule can be intense, such as 10 hours a week for 2 months, or relaxed, such as 4 hours a week for 5 months. Both the methods are instrumental in getting you vital scores.

Topics tested in SAT

  1. Reading

As explained by the SAT classroom program there are standardized passages based on some topics that will come in the test. These topics include the US or world literature, science, and history/political science. These passages will need to be read and there will be a set of MCQs that will have to be answered based on the questions. These passages include a string of complex English language that needs to be comprehended in a few minutes to ace that section.

The passages test you based on how well you define logical arguments based on the context, vocabulary definition based on what you’ve read, and how well you understand the scientific concepts in the question. They also check data analysis where you may have to comprehend and dissect a graph or a table.

  1. Mathematics

Math concepts such as numbers and operations, algebra and functions, data analysis, statistics, probability, geometry, and trigonometry are tested in the SAT. SAT Maths tests your concepts on real-world problems, social science problems, and science-based problems. These problems are written in story form and you must take care that you also study extra topics to crack the Math section. It is prudent to take the exam after completing the geometry concepts.

  1. Language and essay writing

Your ability to apply grammar rules to your essays are tested very seriously in SAT. Application of English language conventions to sentences and paragraphs is also tested. The questions asked may entail correction of sentences, identification of errors, and improving paragraphs.


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