In Review: The Top 5 Law Schools In the U.S.

In Review: The Top 5 Law Schools In the U.S.

If one is passionate about the law like Chula Vista defense attorney Bradley Corbett or any other notable attorney, then the task of choosing the perfect law school can be difficult. To help ease that task, below is a review of the top five law schools in the United States.

Yale University

Yale University boasts such notable alumni as Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, and Gerald Ford. Those accepted by this selective Ivy League school are rewarded without having to worry about grades in the traditional sense. Students are not graded during their first term at Yale. After the first term, students receive honors, pass, or low pass. Further, Yale class sizes are small; generally no more than 20 students.

Harvard University

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Elena Kagan are among the string of notable graduates of Harvard. Similar to Yale, students are graded on a non-traditional system. They can receive a grade of honors, pass, low pass, or fail. Harvard also provides opportunities for first year law students to test their legal skills by representing prison inmates and assisting local musicians. The legal team at The Law Office of Bradley R. Corbett used opportunities like these to hone their legal skills.

In Review: The Top 5 Law Schools In the U.S.

Standard University

Stanford University’s alumni includes former Chief Justice William Rehnquist, former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and Amanda Brown (author of Legally Blonde). One of the attractions of Stanford is that it has the smallest student body of the schools on this list. This equates to more personal attention from faculty. Stanford allows students to chart their own paths with more than 25 joint degree options.

Columbia University

The esteemed alumni of Columbia University include Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eric Holder, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The distinguished law school is home to the second most cited law journal, Columbia law review. Columbia students are offered joint degree programs at institutions, such as Princeton and Harvard.

University of Chicago

Some of Chicago’s notable alumni include John Ashcroft (U.S. Attorney General) and Elizabeth Cheney (daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney). The law school works on a unique quarter schedule that begins at the end of September and concludes in mid-June. Law students interested in other areas of study are free to take as many as four classes outside the law school.

Each of the above schools offer a top notch legal education, but it is their unique characteristics that determine which one is the perfect law school for someone.

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