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Search engine optimization, or SEO as we call it, has come a long way from its early timid beginnings. It has become one of the leading tools for web marketing, the main objective being to get your page on the first page of a search engine. As desirable as it may sound, SEO is a work of diligence and patience. Results happen over time as your site is ranked higher on an organic search by the search engine. The time frame varies from business to business, some taking a few days while others may take months. In other words, constant work on SEO makes you earn that top spot on the search results and one should keep updating their methods or coming up with new ones to match the latest standards in the least.
There are many ways to go about it. One can simply use the traditional tact of keyword search and title tags bundled with off-site optimization. One can even enhance the site itself to have content that is SEO friendly. However finding just the right words and keywords to pull these off can be quite tricky. Marketers can only guess at what exact keywords consumers are typing to get results that can potentially bring them to the marketed sites. So would it not be easier if the content was actually worded after the consumer? How do you do that? The answer is a by using an RumbleTalk HTML5 chat room.
?Ways to Increase Website SEO
RumbleTalk HTML5 chat room is a perfect tool to gather information from consumers and users through conversations. This neat tool even allows you to save these conversations as a chat history. The benefit is that marketers and developers can keep going back to check and recheck whether the contents of the website are in line with what the consumer wants. If they want to make it easier, the HTML5 chat room even allows them to export the chat history and add it to the website. Thereby, it reduces the redundancy and effort of having to type it again and again. It even removes any remote possibility of biasness.
Website developers can export the chat history to several consumer related tabs. The Frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) page, for instance, may serve the best purpose for this as it aligns with whole purpose of having a chat room, to answer consumer questions. Website developers can inculcate the chat histories under testimonials or consumer insights as well. It is a very good opportunity to get a good word of mouth marketing that is truly from the consumer. This makes your site even more trustworthy.
The possibilities of the application of the chat histories on a webpage are endless. One can only imagine what more they can do and just be creative with it. Therefore it is indeed a benefit to have HTML5 group chat that doubles as a two way communication channel and as a content developer that is closer to the target consumers. To know more about how to increase your website’s SEO, try RumbleTalk free and see the difference. You can also see how it works in YouTube video below.

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