Indexing Your Backlinks

Indexing Your Backlinks

We cannot stress the importance of purchasing indexed backlinks enough. Google can easily overlook low quality links which means a huge waste of time and money on your part. Although purchasing high quality links that feature blogs and articles is a great start in the process of getting noticed, if you want fast results you should invest in indexing your backlinks. This investment will save you a substantial amount of time and money and rather than waiting several days to start seeing indexing results, you can see them in just a matter of minutes. Provided, of course that you go through

Sorting Fact From Fiction

When it comes to indexing your backlinks, there are numerous companies available that promise they will deliver the results you want for a fraction of the cost of their competitors. These service companies boast that they have the lowest rates available and will get your links noticed by Google in little to no time. Unfortunately, most of these companies have little to offer other than empty promises. Rather than wasting your time scouring the search results for a decent company or spending hours going through various blogs and customer testimonials, you should visit OneHourIndexing.Co.

Comparing Indexing Services

Below, we have compiled a small amount of information about some various companies in order to familiarize you with some of the most popular indexing services so that you can select the best one.

By using “secret techniques”, this company gets Google to index your links at a high rate.

Pros: Inexpensive, effective, easy to use and you get results fast.

Cons: Nobody outside of their team knows how it works.

Cost: $17 for 1000 links a day

Indexing rate: 50% initially with results as high as 80-90% not only pings links on a schedule, but they also track crawls and re-ping as often as necessary. Google may not notice the first ping, but they are sure to notice the ones that follow so you can definitely expect results.

Pros: Guarantees Google will find your links, re-pings and tracks crawls which is something no other sites do.

Cons: It works differently when compared to others so it can take some getting used to.

Cost: $17 for 15,000 links a day

Indexing rate: 6%

This company creates RSS feeds while pinging each link multiple times. As an added bonus, it also creates site maps and content pages.

Pros: Incredibly cheap and also builds some pages for the links.

Cons: The site uses RSS feeds that have been linked to ranking penalties, so use at your own risk.

Cost: $17.97 for 50,000 links a day

Indexing Rate: 5%

Our Verdict is the best in terms of price and results. Before arrived on the scene, customers were subjected to grueling 7 step processes and extended wait times in hopes of achieving results. Now, you simply add your links, wait a few short minutes, and watch in amazement as your indexing rate skyrocket.


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