Innovative Gear For The 21st Century Gentleman

Innovative Gear For The 21st Century Gentleman

It takes more than a well-tailored suit and some great accessories to stand out as a gentleman in the 21st century. Men who are ready to truly distinguish themselves should take a look at some of this eye-catching and innovative gear for everything from job interviews to weekend BBQs.

A Temp-Regulated Draft

Everyone is sure to have their own favorite beer, but it may be time to do away with the cans and bottles and head straight for the draft. Home drafts generally hold 1 to 2 bags of any beer imaginable and will keep it pressurized for a month or longer in the right conditions. When combined with a regulator for the temperature, you will have constant access to a perfect pint of beer.

Remote Control Planes and Drones

RC drones and airplanes have become extremely popular in the past few years and are a great way to kill some time with new technology. Unlike older models that require line-of-sight controls, modern RC planes and drones can be controlled through a smartphone and custom app. With a camera on the plane itself, users can send these devices out to 80 yards or longer and capture both still images and video.

Innovative Gear For The 21st Century Gentleman

Spice Collection

While a spice collection may not fall into the gear category, every 21st century gentleman should have a respectful spice collection beyond salt and pepper. The primary thing to remember is that most spices have a shelf life between a 12 and 24 months, and this means that you can constantly update or upgrade your spice collection with new rubs, blends, and varietals as they become available.

Automated Pet Food Dispenser

The average person is going to have to leave their pets for 8 hours or longer per day, and this is a long time for the pets to go without any human interaction. A great way to keep dogs and cats happy is to install an automated food dispenser with a two-way camera. These dispensers can be accessed anywhere in the world and allow the dogs to “ask” for food while seeing their owner.

Swiss-Designed Watch

When it comes to style, every single man should have a Swiss-designed watch in their collection. A luxury watch is often the only accessory that a man will have in a formal or semi-formal setting, and this means it is one of the few places to splurge. For those that want to save some money, many of the top manufacturers allow customers to cut out the middle man and make a purchase directly from the designer.

Becoming a gentleman of the 21st century is all about being able to blend modern technology and useful gear with timeless designs and classic tastes. Beyond this list, you can find gear for men on Fataldose.

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