Installing Stone Veneer Is Simple and Fun

Installing Stone Veneer Is Simple and Fun

Want to give your home a new look then installing stone veneer is going to totally change the look of your home. This is the most versatile material that you can use. It also needs minimum maintenance and installation is so easy that you can install it on your own. Some simple tools and patience is required to install stone veneer. Here is a step to step guide that will help you installing stone veneer properly

 Prepare the Layer

This material can be applied to any surface such as existing brick, concrete, and cider block. If you are working with non masonry material   like wood then create a water barrier around the surrounding. After that you have to create a vapor barrier and these come up with the self sealing membrane. After placing the barrier create eighteen gauge lath of metal. After that make mortar, mix it well because there are different ways.  Then before scratch coat dries scrape grooves horizontally into the scratch and then go for installation of stone veneer.

Installing Stone Veneer Is Simple and Fun

Installation of the Stone

Mix the mortar well and mix it for five minutes. Make sure that your mortar mixture is well mixed because too wet will lose strength and too quick will seize up too quickly. Do a dry run as it is quite helpful. For this you will have to spend some extra time. Do the dry run on the ground instead of against the wall. The tools that you will have to use are blunt tool, towel edge and chipping hammer. The stones can easily be shaped. Don’t worry I the edges are not perfect as edges can be trimmed later. To get clean surface it is important that the stones are free from dust and sand or other particles, the grout adhere in better way on completely clean surfaces.

After that you will have to dry the stones but make sure not to saturate them. This will prevent the stones from drawing dampness. This will help it in establishing a stronger bond naturally. Now start installing stones broom the bottom corners. Turn and trim the edges either in the upward direction. Keep these things in mind that you will have to keep the joints consistent. This will help you in getting pleasing visual appeals.  Until the entire wall finishes continue back buttering.


After finding the installation of all the stones fill the joints with grout bags. In this step you will also have to conceal all the trimmed edges. You can use striking tools to get the depth you require. Also make sure that you clean all the excess elements and particles. You can simple wash them with clear water and then whisk a broom. You can also use paint brush to clean the surfaces. After completing everything uses a sealer, this will repel stains. There are some good sealers that re available and you can use. This will also create wet glossy look.  Installing Stone Veneer is very easy and you can do it on your own without putting too many efforts.

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