Intelligent Children and the Toys They Love

New parents often underestimate the importance of toys. They may go out and buy a collection of electronic toys and gadgets that promise to engage the children but fail to deliver results. The fact is that traditional building toys offered by Djeco toys in Australia and other companies are usually a better choice. When kids can work with the toy more to bring it to life with their own imagination, they enjoy the toys more.

• A bird, a plane, a dog house?

Give your child something to build with and watch the imagination come to life. Janod toys understands that kids want an outlet for all of the marvelous ideas in their heads, and that’s just what building toys do. Building toys can be made of wood or plastic, but the important thing is for parents to encourage those marvelous structures and let the kids bring their own ideas to life.

• Pictures in pieces

Give a child a puzzle and then help them put it together. Kids will love seeing the image come to life, and they develop important motor skills as they settle the pieces into place. Puzzles should be age-appropriate so that they don’t become too frustrating. As your son or daughter grows and becomes better at bringing the image together, invest in new puzzles that are slightly more challenging.

• The power of words

Help your children discover the joy of the written word with interactive books. Look for books with hide-and-find flaps, three-dimensional pictures, textured images and special sounds. Let your child bring out her imagination by encouraging your child to play out stories with her stuffed animals or dolls. Your child will come to love books, and they’ll also develop their imaginations.
Offering childrens wooden toys and a range of other traditional toys that kids love, The 3 Cheeky Monkeys offers toys for babies that parents can feel good about. These toys are engaging for little ones, and they help to develop their natural curiosity, intelligence and other skills. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend or your own child, visit to find the perfect toy.

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