Introducing RestRelax – Big Ideas For Small Spaces

Houses in the UK are getting smaller – and RestRelax have a solution…

Introducing RestRelax – Big Ideas For Small SpacesThe average size of a new build home in the UK is just 76sqm and the average flat in London, well, that’s smaller than the size of a carriage on the Jubilee Line (just 46sqm). Houses in Britain are now the smallest in Western Europe, nearly 10% smaller than they were a decade ago and Londoners are looking for innovative ways to create space in their home.

New company RestRelax aim to solve the problem of living in small spaces by offering a range of multi-functional, stylish and affordable products that are built to address the needs of the ‘space constrained’ London consumer.

RestRelax have developed a range of products that offer style and function, whilst not breaking the bank… All of their products offer quirky touches and multi-function, meaning that sofas or footstools can transform into a bed in seconds, ideal for the unexpected visitor or keen to visit parents.

As part of the range, hitting stores this week are:-

Rosie – A stylish footstool that opens out into a bed, perfect for the unexpected guest.

Introducing RestRelax – Big Ideas For Small Spaces

Ollie – A stylish flip out sofa bed that turns the living room into the bedroom within seconds (available in single or double)

Introducing RestRelax – Big Ideas For Small Spaces

Founder of the innovative new venture, Nick Eary said “Our philosophy from day 1 has been to understand the customer experience and build the product around that. There are so many products on the market today that looks great or are well priced, but just don’t work for the customer leaving them with less space or at worse having to return the product.

A tenant that is renting a house for 12 months won’t want a product that they can’t fit up the stairs or have to wait three months to have it delivered?”

RestRelax confirmed that this is only the start.

“RestRelax have another 30 products in various stages of development, and each offer alternative solutions whilst still being stylish and affordable”

For more information about the RestRelax range of stylish space saving furniture, visit

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