iPhone7 Production Online?

After mid-year every year for last few years, the technology world start doing their favorite assumption game about the upcoming iPhone. Guess what, the time of the year has arrived again and the ‘guess what?’ game’s on already. The popular assumptions are whether the next iPhone is going to be named iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, what chip they are going to sport, whether there will be a cheap iPhone version like the iPhone 5c again and many more speculations. When all these rumors were circulating like hotcakes; few sources said they have seen iPhone 7 front panels being manufactured. Though their anticipation story of the iPhone’s identity is still unknown, we still wanted to review the story.

The iPhone 7

For now, the iPhone 7 is definitely a very hot topic and every die hard Apple fan is truly dying inside for Apple to finally release some insight on the smartphone. It’s already been 10 months since the last iPhones were released hence the high time has arrived. Apple doesn’t usually release any official announcement before a final release event, so whatever the spectators have spectated – we don’t really know how right they are. The rumored iPhone 7 may just be the next iPhone 6s; why on earth Apple would change their long-haul naming policy?

We don’t really know if they would or would not.

Apple’s WWDC 2015 has clearly proved that we are going to see a new iPhone this year for sure. Apart from Sony, no one has stopped releasing flagship smartphones all on a sudden. Popular naming clues are – iPhone 6s, iPhone 6c, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6c Plus, iPhone 8; the list keeps going on. The basic point everything keeps circling around is ‘a new iPhone’. Wow! Apple clearly has a mad fan base.

Some Speculations from Tech Blogs

We have gone through quite few popular tech blogs who discussed the arrival of an iPhone in the next few months. The main points we saw were –

  • Apple is most likely going to release two iPhones like the previous year. Maybe since the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, the one iPhone release per year trend is gone. Just a thought, how about another inexpensive iPhone so that’s a three iPhone release on 2015?
  • Size. The last time Apple had released two bigger sized iPhones, they received mixed expressions. But mostly people were thankful to Apple for finally increasing the display size and offering two options at the same time – because a 4 inch display in today’s standard is truly very ‘tiny’. On the other hand, few Android phones are just too huge to be carried in a pocket. Apple stays in a fair ground in this matter.
  • Apple maintains their consistency about the naming and device quality. They would rather delay the release if the quality isn’t up to the mark. That’s the reason we aren’t expecting a sudden flip in the naming strategy.
  • Bendgate conspiracy – that was an accidental mistake Apple is most probably never going to make again. For the very same reason, the new iPhone may not get any slimmer.
  • There will of course be a configuration update. Like every time, Apple shall release a new chip for their new device lineup. We wouldn’t want to make blind guesses on the configuration end until we have some more evidence. 


If we start about iPhone 7 rumors, there will be no stop to it and we shall keep drifting away from the topic we started. For example, did you notice how we drifted off from the front part of the next iPhone we were supposed to discuss about? Well, keep connected because that may be covered in another article.

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