Is Blu-ray Started The Format War?

Soon, the CD and DVD can old things for the new generation, maybe in the next few years people forget old types’ storage media fully. Yes! It’s not a joke and of course, nor we are kidding, it is the general expectation, have you remember that how the CDs knockout the Floppy disk from the race, and continue DVDs did same with the Compact Disk.

The history can repeat again, actually the Blu-ray Disc Association (combined team of world’s leading manufacturing companies) developed a new optical media format Blu-Ray. This format developed especially for HD video (with 1080p) or high definition Audio. Also work well for high quality play station games, the latest format disk have ability to store more than five times data than the traditional compact disk (CDs) or DVDs.

How it is different from Old Formats?

The new format uses the blue-violet laser (405nm), while on the other hand the traditional optical disc technology including DVD, DVD (R), DVD (R±W), and DVD-RAM use Red-laser (650nm) to read or write the date, and this makes a big difference. The size (405-650 nanometer) of laser, of course, play an important role to store the data on disk, it allow to the new format to able to offer more than five times the storage capacity in comparison of DVDs and CDs. The format, s name refer to the colour blue and the rays.

The Blu-ray disk able to hold up to 25 GB data in case of single layer, and of course 50 GB on a dual layer disk, while the DVD capacity is not sufficient for storing high definition video or audio, to understand let’s see an example. The DVDs work well up to 720-480 pixels resolution, while an HDTV has a high resolution (1920-1080 pixels for example), so to save only two hour movie or video need 22 GB space, while the DVDs capacity is 17 GB, how it is possible to transfer the data on old formatted optical disk. The Bluray copy facility will work here, but it can take some time due to the size of data to transfer.

Blu-ray Myth & Reality

Every new invention born myth, similarly here are a few myths associated with this new format, and the common myth is that, this format can’t use without internet. While the reality is that no need for connecting internet for uses basic playback movies.

The internet connection need only for VAS (Value Added Service) or for use extra feature such as downloading. It’s not a hidden things or the top secret that you will need of net connection for web browsing. More than 200 computers, recording media, Hollywood studio, game development and music companies support the BluRay disk format.

The Bluray copy software easily available, it has user friendly interface, the quality software accepts Blu-ray-Video disc, folder, ISO image file as input and can offer multi formats as required. Usually the software required minimum Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit/64-bit), at least Pentium II 500 MHz processor. System must have 512 MB RAM. The 100 GB of Free space on Hard Disk must, and the user can easily operate, a Blu-ray drive will need here.

Here is plenty of copy software available either as paid or free, that can burn the data on a blank BRD, or to the hard disk. Mostly they have the same process with easy steps. It is generally expected that the Blu Ray will be the next king of optical storage, but it means not that the old technology will hide, the DVDs will be continued for few more years, the top consumer electronics companies including branded Sony, the big name of Samsung, and the LG, as well as other few not so popular companies try to manufacture a product that can read/write CD, DVD as well as Blu-ray disk without any adjustment or change.

The upcoming news is that the home entertainment company DTS has announced that the DTS: X will also support for Blu-ray & of course Ultra HD Blu-ray too, the details article here . The company is currently working hard on all aspects and hope so the first DTS: X Blu-ray discs will available in the market before the end of the 2015. It is interesting how many twists and turns technology has taken in our lives.

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