It’s All About The Grimm

Portland Oregon, a homicide detective, Nick Burkhardt is visited by his sick aint and she lends him some strange but important information about his heritage, She Tells him he is a descendent from a long linage of Grimms not just fairytale story tellers but actual hunters who are entrusted with the responsibility of protecting humanity from supernatural creatures. Nick can see the creatures that to most people appear to be normal. He must bear the burden of his ancestors and deal with the mythology of the Brothers Grimm. As Nick tries to deal with his newfound life without alarming his fiancée and his partner from work, he gains more knowledge about the ancient rivalry and his role in the scheme of it all.

Most of the creatures Grimm comes in contact with are all from the Brothers Grim Fairytales, other episodes/creatures are loosely based on other fables and legends. Nicks Partner; played by Russell Hornsby (Hank Griffin) he is totally oblivious to Nicks actual identity. He is a tad sarcastic and very temperamental but he has Nicks back one hundred percent. Bitsie Tulloch (Juliette Silverton) is Nick’s girlfriend; she is unaware of Nick’s secret life. It was first suggested by his aunt he leave her when he found out who he was but Nick decided to stay with her and perform his supernatural duties around her. She is the love of his life; he will move heaven and earth for this woman. His dedication to her proves to be a disadvantage in a lot of situations. Before discovering his new purpose she was his strength and now she is his greatest weakness.

Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe) plays a creature called Wieder Blutbad who his Nicks left hand and helps him with his cases. Apprehensive in the beginning he and Nick become great friends. A Grimm Killed Monroe’s grandfather after he butchered a whole village of innocent people. Monroe is resourceful and highly intelligent; he is Nick’s eyes and ears into the supernatural community. All the characters in this show are entwined together on some level or another. Each case that Nick tackles and solves there is more layers to be uncovered which sheds light on his own path. He has the task of growing into the next Grimm He is the last of his kind, he must carry on the family legacy. From what I can see that alone has pressured him to hold what he can dear. He has this cool truck full of neat gadgets and weapon that are really cool. A book of Grimm is there as well that tell s him what kind of monsters there are. Their weakness and how they were killed when the last Grimm encountered them. He struggles with keeping who he really is a secret from all who love and care about him. Talk about a full life. He is a cop and he is policing the supernatural realm. Viewing Grimm all episodes is easy just hit up http://watchseries.It/season-4/grimm

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