Kennedy’s Memorial Service Brings Together Obama And Clinton

US former and present Presidents come together for the memorial service of the most popular president of US- John F Kennedy who was assassinated 50 years back. Barack Obama was joined by Bill Clinton in the formal memorial service while laying wreath on Kennedy’s grave. The members of Kennedy’s family showed their silent presence in respect of their long gone family member.

John F Kennedy, one of the most famous presidents of US was shot dead in Dallas, Texas and though his life as president was quite short-lived yet he had managed to touch the hearts of the current and forthcoming generations. Kennedy had instrumented the Presidential Medal of Freedom as he had signed the executive order shortly before his assassination. Among his other celebrated works one of the most important was the establishment of the Peace Corps. He also initiated the country’s mission of setting its path towards moon.

White House in memory of its great statesman marks Kennedy’s death anniversary by giving out the Medal of Freedom rather than sulking which surely suits the aura and stature of this man more than any other memorial service.

Kennedy’s Memorial Service Brings Together Obama And Clinton

The day started with the much-hyped meeting of Democratic Powerhouses – Obama and Clinton who gave another rarest of rare public appearances sharing the same platform. It later proceeded when Obama went on to award the coveted – Presidential Medal of Freedom – the highest US civilian honor to Bill Clinton for his significant contribution in US success.

Apart from Clinton fifteen persons belonging to different fields ranging from politics to sports and science were conferred the award. While giving out the awards; Mr. Obama remarked “Today, we salute fierce competitors who became true champions.” While Oprah Winfrey, the entertainer became the most celebrated recipient of the Medal of Freedom other winners included Ben Bradlee, Ernie Banks, Richard Lugar, Daniel Kahneman, Loretta Lynn, Arturo Sandoval, Mario Molina, Dean Smith, Patricia Wald and C T Vivian.

The later part of the celebration includes the formal dinner at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History where Obama will be delivering a honorary speech in honor of Kennedy’s legacy of service. It will be attended by current and past medal recipients. Kennedy’s grandson jack Schlossberg is supposed to introduce Barack Obama at the dinner.

The presence of former First lady Hillary Clinton at the eternal flame where Kennedy is buried has also started the buzz about who’s going to be Obama’s favorite as his successor in the forthcoming US presidential elections in 2016.

Admist the normal buzzes in the political arena of America R.I.P. John F. Kennedy. The world pays tribute.

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