Know All About Call Center Software With Multi-level IVR For Businesses

Know All About Call Center Software With Multi-level IVR For Businesses

An IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a technology that facilitates a pre-recorded voice to interact with humans through voice and DTMF tones input via the keypad. In other words, IVR is a business’s automated attendant that works well with inbound and outbound call center software systems. When someone places a call to a business, there is a voice that greets the person politely with a welcome message; this voice is usually a computer-generated voice. After greeting, the voice helps the person to navigate to the solution, all without the help of a real agent. This way IVR assists businesses to improve their customer service and provide a superior experience for their leads with less or no waiting time. 

Types of IVR

There are mainly two types of IVR

  • Single-Level IVR: It is the simplest form of IVR in which users can only add a single layer of IVR to their call flow. Single level IVR is appropriate for simple use cases where one input is sufficient to connect an agent or generate a message. 
  • Multi-Level IVR: Multi-level IVR is an IVR within an IVR. In such an IVR system, users can use multiple layers of IVR in their call flow to streamline the workflow. 

Here we are talking mainly about multi-level IVR systems for call center businesses. Using multi-level IVR for call center phone systems, businesses can enjoy a streamlined call handling process. Starting from automatic call routing to DTMF capturing, the multi-level IVR works efficiently to empower business communications. Through this system, customers can connect with the agents at any time. They just need to dial the business number and their call will be routed to the concerned departments and will be connected to the most appropriate agent within no time. In case of unavailability of an agent, the IVR system drops a voicemail along with relevant details. This helps agents to make a call back as soon as he receives the message. 

The multi-level IVR for call centers also allows the easy addition of multiple menus. Using the audio menus, callers can select an option from them to get connected with the right department or agent. This practice can be really beneficial in saving time, money, and resources. 

Benefits of Call Center Software with Multi-Level IVR for Businesses

Below mentioned are some of the key benefits of using call center software with multi-level IVR for businesses, have a look:

  • Personalized Touch: With the IVR system, businesses can decide what their customers want to hear. For instance, when a person calls for the first time, a greeting message can be played, and then the person can be directed to get the solution for his/her query. This way, businesses can offer personalized services to their customers. 
  • Feedback Collection: IVR system can be an effective means to gather valuable feedback from the customers regarding their experience with the business’s services. Based on the feedback collected, businesses can implement new ways or ideas to improve their customer service. 
  • 24×7 Customer Support: It might not be possible for all businesses to remain available and provide 24×7 customer support. In such a case, they can opt for IVR solutions. The system can be fed with a greeting that informs callers about the working hours of the business and that the office is closed at present. This will help customers to make a call during business hours. 
  • Handle Large Call Volume: A smart IVR system facilitates easy handling of large call volumes. It is designed in a manner to streamline the calls to allow seamless customer support and reduce customer waiting time to a great extent.
  • Multilingual Support: An IVR system is a completely automated system. It is the most effective way to communicate with people of all languages, preventing the need to hire people who can speak different languages. Thus, help save costs of hiring new people as well as provide superior service to people in their choice of language. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: A smart IVR system for businesses ensures that their customers are connected to the most appropriate agent who can assist them in the best possible way with what they are looking for. Easy connectivity and prompt solution to customer’s queries will lead to a superior customer experience. 
  • Improved Efficiency: An automated IVR system helps to streamline all the communication processes, allowing staff to focus on other important tasks. This further helps in improving productivity and efficiency. 


Today a large number of businesses are looking for an IVR service provider to manage their inbound and outbound call centers to reduce the cost of sales, services, inquiries, support calls, and more including both inbound and outbound calls. 

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