Latest HTC One Gets An Alarming One-Out-Of-Ten Rating For Reparability

In recent times, HTC stunned the smartphone industry with its flagship device, design and the features by redefining everything that a single cellular phone has to offer.
HTC One possesses an aluminium body and thin design. The phone was up for a showdown on world’s most renowned critics. One of them is, renowned for their work on guides that help consumers fix their phone.
HTC One was experienced by iFixit’s team and they tweeted that the phone is first in history to get one point out of ten for reparability. This news was so shocking that iFixit has to release pictures of the product while conducting a surgery of the phone.
They claimed that at first it was very easy to start off with the tear down, but as they went closer and closer they found it agonizingly painful to completely dismantle the phone. The hidden screws, the thinness of the phone, the whole aluminium body; everything was a hassle to open.
There onwards, when finally reaching inside of the phone, they revealed that the phone is equipped with a motherboard and daughter board which, if uninstalled without extreme care, could damage the screen and the speakers for good. They were able to take out the motherboard, but then found that there is a daughter board beneath and the battery is even deeper. It is almost like someone tried to hide a dead body from investigators, on top of that the camera, dual speakers, USB port and the microphone, all came out in pieces. The pieces are so delicate and fragile that it was very hard to handle. It seems like a certification is required to become a part of the HTC repair team.
At the end, it took a surprise time of 2 hours just to open up the cell phone and putting it back together was as painstaking as opening it. This clearly shows why HTC got one point out of 10. The body damage is a near certainty and once damaged it can only be replaced from the HTC repair team. It is not surprising to know that they are pretty expensive, therefore, it is only advisable to handle the HTC One with baby gloves and if a repair is needed, only the genuine outlets should be consulted.
This means that the consumers would have to rethink on their choice of buying the new release and it would certainly affect the overall ratings of the phone in the entire region which would mean the sales would fall and the profits wouldn’t be as fruitful as the finance and marketing team projected.
Nevertheless, the new HTC One is still going strong in the race with its top notch competitors, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the all new Sony Xperia Z. However, its totally out of league of

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