Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses- A Good Option?

From your science class, you might be remembering that latex is the secretion from the bark of the rubber tree, which coagulates to turn into a dense bouncy consistency. This latex is treated using different techniques and is used in versatile ways. One of its applications is a latex mattress. A latex mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages. So if you are planning to buy one, you’ll have to keep a lot of things in mind. Visit  to know more.

Points to look at while buying mattress

While talking in comparison with memory foam, latex mattresses, too, mould their shape very easily but they take lesser time to retain their original shape or contours. They are very heavy and have a lot of tiny air pockets. These air pockets help in better regulation of heat and hence will not make you feel very hot when you are asleep. Latex mattresses can also be customized according to your personal needs. Latex mattresses are available in different variants – natural, synthetic and blended. Natural latex mattresses are the best option if price is not something that will hold you back. They are softer and are the best choice for the topmost layer of your mattress, if you are getting a customized mattress.

  • These mattresses contain fewer chemicals when compared to other competitors. Provides 10 year warranty.
  • Memory foam used conforms to body weight and alleviates body pressure. It has both benefits of latex foam and memory foam.
  • Provides dual side comforts by just flipping the mattress.

Since the topmost layer of your mattress will be subjected to the most wear and tear, you would want most durable latex for it. Synthetic latex mattresses have properties similar to those of natural latex ones, but the biggest difference is the price. They are the most affordable variant in the latex mattresses range. But with such a difference in the price, there would be some pitfalls, and they are that it is less durable and comes with a lot of off gassing. Blended latex mattresses have qualities of both natural and synthetic ones. They are a mixture of both latexes. They are slightly cheaper than natural latex mattresses and have properties that are slightly better than synthetic mattresses. So you can have the best of both worlds, if you are skeptical about spending a lot on mattresses. Learn more about these mattresses from 

The disadvantages of latex mattresses are that they take a little while to become soft and attain the firmness that you desire. Only after a few weeks of usage, you’ll be able to get maximum comfort that you initially bought it for. So, patience is key in this case. Latex mattresses also transfer motion to a very little extent. So, you can sleep tight even if the other side of bed has a disturbed sleeper! Latex mattresses, like any other object in the world, have their own pros and cons. Ideally, you’ll have to analyze your priorities and choose what’s best for you!

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