Live A Better Life with Osteopathy

Getting in shape and feeling your very best requires another level of commitment for some. Sometimes, there is something more that should be done besides simply hitting the gym. If you are looking for new ways to manage pains and aches while preventing sports injuries, you may be a good candidate for a trial regimen of osteopathic work. Here’s a three point rundown of the different ways osteopathy can be adapted into your lifestyle:

1. Clinical Pilates

Pilates can help you strengthen, heal and align your body. The main benefit pilates, both light or strenuous, is that it can be adapted to fit the needs of people from all types of backgrounds and fitness levels. Under the guidance of a seasoned instructor, Pilates can be effective in improving your overall health and eliminating injuries from ever happening. Depending on the type of Pilates class you decide on, you may be able to derive additional benefits from taking the class such as improved cardio health and strength.


2. Myotherapy

Often, nagging pains and troublesome aching is caused by your musculoskeletal system, which may be addressed by myotherapy. A myotherapist will perform an assessment on your muscles and joints, employing a variety of manual techniques to relieve soft tissue tension. This process could entail stretching, massaging, trigger point work and various other modalities.

3. Massage

While many people enjoy a great massage because it feels great, they actually serve an additional purpose as well, when performed the right way. A proper massage session, carried out by an experienced masseuse, can really be helpful in relieving muscle fatigue and tension as it promotes muscle recovery. Massage styles come in many different varieties. There are sports, pregnancy and deep tissue massages.

In your long journey to improve your health and happiness, you may overlook the need to identify new ways to improving your health. City Osteopathy offers patients an effective way to naturally improve their health and reduce injuries, by offering a range of services from osteopathy to quality medical pilates Melbourne clients trust. Learn more about their services by visiting their website at

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