Looks to Create with White out Lenses

Looks to Create with White out Lenses

Dressing up as your favorite movie character has undergone a revolutionary change, thanks to advancements in technology, costumes, and makeup. That said, the introduction and subsequent increase in the use of costume contact lenses have played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the Halloween, cosplay and themed-party’s get-ups.

From emulating your favorite vampire to imitating the green power of the mighty Hulk, the options are limitless. Out of all the lenses, white out Halloween contacts have always been the most popular choice. These versatile lenses have two variations and both can be used for a number of get-ups.

Here we share a few unique looks that you can create by using these white out lenses.

Storm from X-Men

Halle Berry played the character of Storm in X-men and she successfully brought the comic character to life. Storm from X-men has the power to manipulate the weather and dressing up as storm is not as difficult and technical as it seems.

  • Keep your outfit simple and clean with patent leather pants and a plain black, full-sleeved shirt or you can opt for a leather jacket in black, zipped up.
  • The makeup is simple enough but you will need to use silver-grey temporary hair color spray to get the look. Once your hair is ready, you can start the makeup.
  • You can start off by brushing down your eyebrows and using a glue-stick to flatten them. Use a setting powder on your brows and once the glue has dried, you can use foundation on your face including the brows. Use a slightly darker shade and ensure that it is properly blended. You can add shadows to your cheeks and temple area by using a highlighter.
  • Give a smoky effect to your eyes by using a silver-grey and black eyeshadow combination. Use white highlighter on your eyes sparingly. Line your eyes with black kohl pencil and add heavy mascara to your eyelashes so that your eyes stand out.
  • Put on your blind white lenses to complete the look. The total white out lenses give a very realistic and creepy look to the costume.
  • You can go ahead one step and use white eyeliner to draw lightning bolts extending from the lower lid area on to the cheeks.

Vanya Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy

The T.V series based on a popular comic series has gained a lot of popularity after its first season aired and fans are anxiously waiting for the second season. One of the characters is Vanya who seemingly has no powers and is finally revealed to be the one character who is the strongest and the most powerful of all the characters in the series.

Dressing up as Vanya is already very popular at cosplays and come Halloween, it is going to be even more popular. The makeup and the costume are simple enough and the only thing you will need to make this look work is a pair of glass white lenses.

  • As mentioned earlier on, the makeup is simple. All you need to do is to apply foundation in a pale shade, blend it in properly and use black eye shadow on your upper and lower eyelids to give a shadowy and hollow look to your eyes.
  • Use a pale pink color on your lips. You can tie your hair with a middle part.
  • Don’t forget to put on your glass white lenses before you start your makeup.
  • the outfit is simple enough. Put on a pair of white-washed, loose fitted jeans and a blue denim shirt.

Valak from The Nun

The Nun was a prequel to The Conjuring and although the movie itself received a lukewarm response, one of its characters became hugely popular, especially for Halloween. Who wouldn’t want to scare the creeps out of everyone at the party?

The costume is simple enough and you can have your pick. You can choose a black nun costume for a darker look or you can go for a white nun costume to give a more eerie look.

  • The first thing you need to do is to put on your white out Halloween contacts.
  • To start off your makeup, use a glue stick to flatten your brows.
  • Once you have done that, use white cream make-up or face paint and apply it evenly on your face, leaving the orbital area.
  • Use a blush in brown to create shadows around your temples and jaw bone.
  • For the eyes, you will need a black creamy eye shadow to do the job. Apply it heavily to your lids and the area surrounding your eyes. Once you have done it, use a black kohl pencil to create ridges across your face. You are ready to rock!

White Out Lenses Give a Creepy Look to Any Outfit, So Be Ready to Scare the Wits Out of Everyone!

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