Magnolia Wreath in More Magnificent and Kicking DIY Tips

Magnolia wreath as a front door decoration is sound so legit to try. Magnolia wreath has a silky pure white color that will decorate your front door with. Well, speaking about magnolia wreath, have you ever try to make it by your own self? Making a magnificent magnolia wreath is actually an easy activity. However, it is hard to decide and make what kind of style that we’re going to choose. Keep it simple is one of tips that you can nail on your mind.

A magnificent magnolia wreath DIY will impress your front door if you can keep it as elegant as you can. With not put too much decoration and accessories on it, you can create a silky magnolia wreath DIY. Magnolia wreath DIY idea is one of the creative ideas that easy to make. So it sounds so flawless idea for your spare time, isn’t it? That’s why we’re here to give you some easy steps magnolia wreath DIY.

Some easy steps to make a magnificent magnolia wreath DIY

First, prepare some tools that you will need in making magnolia wreath. They are wire 11 inch, plier, magnolia leaves, magnolia flowers, mini fruits and ribbon for decoration. The wire can be changed with branch that shaped into round. And you can also custom the size as you wish.Next is tied the magnolia leaves with yarn. If you don’t want to use thread, you can change it with glue. Well, I prefer wire because it stronger than glue. However, you can make your own decision, right?

After finish to tie your leaves, now it’s time to string them up circle following the wire. As the wire that has some parts you can fill it layer by layer until the wire can’t be seen anymore. See? It’s so easy, right?After it filled perfectly with those leaves, now it’s time for us to decorate it with some fruits and magnolia flowers. The technique is still the same like before. Using yarn or glue to string them up. In this step, you will need your creativity to decide which spot that suitable for your decoration. Keep it simple and you will get an impeccable design of magnolia wreath.

It won’t need your complicated design, just keep it simple and minimalist. Put your magnolia flowers in triangle spot and string your Christmas ball decoration in every empty space between magnolia flowers. And the last step is choosing a ribbon as your hanger and also a flawless decoration. You can arrange them in a creative way with half circle shape. See? It looks so easy, isn’t it?

Another tip in making a magnificent magnolia wreath DIY is don’t be scared to try a new style of decoration. Putting some accessories such as Christmas ball, fruits, seeds are going to fascinate your simple magnolia wreath. However, I have to say that just using magnolia flowers and leaves is a smooth and elegant design. So which one do you choose? The answer is absolutely up to you.

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