Massage Envy Spa Reviews Highlights The Best Points Of The Spa Center

Massage Envy Spa Reviews Highlights The Best Points Of The Spa Center

Once you get to the Spa, you will be greeted by the front desk and you will be asked to fill up a Chart on Massage Wellness and also a survey. In this Chart, your medical history will be recorded like any present or past injuries or any other physical ailments which the Spa needs to be aware of. Next, you will be greeted by a massage therapist and then, your Wellness Chart will also be reviewed. The therapist will want to know the reason of your wanting a massage. He/she will also ask about your present physical condition as well as any specific problems experienced by you.

According to Massage Envy Spa reviews, you will definitely have a stress relieving experience each time you go. This experience will be enhanced by the professional therapists, an inviting and calm environment and a friendly staff.

Role of the Therapist

After this, the therapist will take you in a room where it will be peaceful and you will find a massage table covered with clean sheets and a warm blanket. There will also be a shelf to keep your belongings. A chair will also be provided. While you change, the therapist will wait outside.  Massage etiquette for the clients vary. Some prefer to disrobe completely, while some others wish to be partially clothed. After changing, you have to lie upon the table covered by a sheet. You will get a bit of time for this. The Massage Envy Spa Reviews guide you at the entire process.

Massage Envy Spa Reviews Highlights The Best Points Of The Spa Center

The top sheet will always cover you while the massage is going on and you can also ask for a blanket if you need it. In order to respect your modesty, the therapist will only uncover that body part which he/she is working on. Before the session begins, the therapist will tell you to intimate them if, during the massage, a stroke or technique used by them is uncomfortable. Your therapist will perform either full-body massage which is customized or will tend to specific body parts requested by you. This is solely dependent on your requests or needs. Only the best quality massage lotions and creams which are hypoallergenic are used for massaging.

Atmosphere During the Session

During the massage, you will enjoy a comfortable and tranquil environment. Underneath the sheet, there is a heating blanket which can be adjusted according to your wish and there is also padding on the table. Moreover, there is a provision for relaxing music to play during the massage session.

Later On

As the Massage Envy Spa Reviews put it; after your session has been completed, the therapist will go out for you to re-dress. He/she will be waiting outside with water in a cup for you. Then he/she will take you to the reception after you are ready. The sessions usually vary from one hour to one and a half hour or two hours. Every session has a five minute pre-interview as well as five minutes for your re-dressing at the end.

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