Menswear Fashion Trends For Summer 2021

Menswear Fashion Trends For Summer 2021

Summer is officially upon us, so it is time to get that t-shirt and shorts out. Finding an outfit that keeps you cool. Not to mention that you want to be looking stylish as well. This guide is going to take you through the Summer fashion trends that we have this year. 

Utility Clothing

Utility clothing is all year round fashion trend. However, it changes slightly when it comes to the summer months. Utility clothing is lightweight clothing that you need for those hotter temperatures. The only issue with this trend is that it is not good for wearing to fancy restaurants and bars. 

Utility shorts are the perfect shorts for festivals and camping. They are stylish but not too over the top. They are easy to relax in as well as being less tight on your legs like chino or denim shorts. Summer can be extremely sweaty so the last thing that you want is your shorts to be too tight. 

Utility jackets are great when the summer months come along. Especially when it cools down as soon as the sun goes in. It is a shirt that has a lot of pockets on it. But the material tends to be quite thin as well. There are plenty of jackets out there that are white, black and beige. These are great colours for the summer months and they are easy to match with other clothing. 

Finally, utility clothing is the perfect clothing to wear when it comes to the airport. It is thin, lightweight and stylish which, is something that everyone wants at the airport. Utility clothing is a great way to look fashionable when you are going on a holiday

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours are the perfect colours for the summer months. Pastel colours are not for everyone although, it is something that you should try to add to your wardrobe. At the end of the day, life is short so be bold with new fashion trends. 

The safety colours for fashion are usually white and black. Some people will even wear khaki in the summer months. This is another great colour to wear. However, pastel colours are a unique style that not everybody likes. Not to mention that it gives your outfit a lot more colour than usual. 

You do not need to go all out on the pastel colours either. You can just wear a pastel coloured overshirt. This can be worn over a pale white t-shirt with some blue 501 Levi jeans. The best thing about these jeans is they are not tight on your legs. This is exactly what you want when the temperature is high. 

A white t-shirt is the safest option that you can wear when it comes to summer. The reason for this is because you cannot see any sweat patches with a high-quality white t-shirt. To finish the look off, complete it with some vintage 77 Nike Blazer trainers.

Collar Shirts

A shirt is an item that you want to be wearing later on in the evening. A shirt can be too warm during the day so avoid wearing this at peak times in the sun. This is a much cooler shirt in terms of temperature which is why you should invest in them for your wardrobe. 

Collard shorts can be worn with a jacket such as a bomber jacket. This is a trend that comes back every year and it is easy to understand why. The best thing about these shirts is that they can be worn as a smart-casual outfit. A collared shirt is great with a pair of shorts or pants. 

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are a great pair of shorts for the summer. The usual trend for summer is that people would wear much tighter shorts. This is the complete opposite of what Bermuda shorts are. Throw away those tight shorts and explore the comfort of these instead. Wear shorts that are comfier, wider and longer. The relaxed fit on these shorts is great as you can pull them up if you want to catch those sun rays. 

Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are highly fashionable when it comes to summer 2021. Vertical striped clothing is very basic but looks different. You can either go with a horizontal striped shirt if vertical shirts are not for you. 

There are many different ways you can wear vertical stripes. You can either wear it as a t-shirt or you can wear it as a polo shirt. That can be either buttoned or a zipped-up polo shirt. You have also got the long sleeve shirts as well to wear. 

Vertical stripes are great for the range of colours that you can get. You could always just keep it simple with your monochrome colours if you wanted to. It just depends on what you are wearing for the bottom half of your body. 

T-shirt and Joggers

This is a simple trend to pull off. Everybody can look good in this look because it is so basic. However, there are ways you can add a bit more style to the outfit. There are many t-shirts out there that look good with plain grey joggers. If you wanted to wear a printed t-shirt then you could go for that. 

If you want to keep the outfit simple then just stick to a plain white t-shirt. Try to avoid patterned shirts as this will not look just as good. If it is early summer or late summer, it can get much cooler. 

A full tracksuit is always a good addition to have in the wardrobe if you do not have one already. A tracksuit can be good for exercise as well so, you might want to invest in a tracksuit for that.

In Conclusion

Fashion has plenty of styles out there that you can choose for this summer. These are just six basic trends that people have been wearing this summer. One of the best things about these trends is that they are not expensive. Not to mention that they are an easy pick when it comes to picking your outfit for the day. 

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