Metal Roofing Can Save You Hundreds

When deciding on the type of roof you will get, a metal roof could be the answer to all your questions. One of the major benefits of a metal roof is that it can be installed over the existing roof and they can last a very long time. While they can be expensive, metal roof doesn’t need much maintenance and rarely ever need to be replaced. For residential properties, there are two different styles which include sheet panels and tiles. While you may think of a barn when you hear metal roofing, it has developed a more modern style making it ideal for homes. Using the services of a place like King Koating will ensure you receive the expertise needed to install a metal roof.

Benefits of a Metal Roof

The use of a metal roof can allow your home to have sturdy roof for at least fifty or more years. Another important benefit is that metal is resistant to fire and it will reflect the heat of the sun. This can make energy costs lower for you and make it easier to regulate the temperature in your home. A metal roof will require almost no maintenance and it can easily be cleaned with water. It is also one of the best types of roofs to protect your home from ice and snow and it does not split, crack, leak or dry out like many other types of roof. Another plus to metal roofing is that there are hundreds of colors you can choose from when deciding how you want it to look.

Types of Metal Roofs

There are two types of roof, the first being a metal panel. They give the home a more commercial look however they are becoming popular choices for homes that are modern. The other type of metal roofing is the metal shingle which will imitate other shingle styles such as; slate, clay tile and even asphalt. These metal roofs can be constructed from several types of metals with steel being the most common due to its low cost. A problem with galvanized steel is that it can rust especially in moist areas. After steel, the most common type of roof is aluminum because it is durable and lasts longer and does not rust like the galvanized steel. The sturdiest type of metal roof is copper. It is not commonly used as it is very expensive however it will last hundreds of years.

One thing to remember about metal roofing is that it should always be installed by a professional. It can also be cost effective in some ways as it can install over the existing roof on the home. While most roofs have to be installed when it is warm out, metal roofs are not bound by this and are easily installed during winter months. While some may be turned off by the expensive price of a metal roof, they should consider how much money they will be saving in the future when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and energy costs.

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