Mind Rules Over Matter

They say ‘Life is not a bed of roses’, and truly so, but the catch is we can make it one if we choose to. Human beings are the best and the most superior creation of God, He has placed us as the owner of all that is there on this Earth. All we need to do is keep on reminding ourselves of this fact, then it will become easy for all to realize that nothing in this world,  great enough to make us feel sad.

It is quite a difficult task to find any person who is not faced with any sort of physical complexity, but still we see many people falling weak and succumbing to the problems. It sure seems a hard job to smile when you are not well, but it is not impossible. Think positively about the situation and be happy that you are still alive and enjoying this beautiful world.

Mind Rules Over Matter

This example was well shown by Eric Ulysses Miller who in spite of his dire medical condition had the guts to smile. He did not allow his disease to overpower him and get the better of him. Even though he passed away only at the age of 47, his relatives and friends cannot remember a day he sulked because of his illness.

It takes a brave heart to accept life and its troubles on its face. Yet we are fortunate to have such brave examples who fought their diseases and were able to show a ‘thumbs down’ to the fear of death. All it takes is to place your mind over the matter or situation. While being faced with any difficult moments in life, remember the mightiest armament that we possess is our mind.

The mind is the controller of all the feelings; hence hardships can be easily overcome by thinking correctly and positively. The sickness in your body and your thoughts are directly proportional. By this it is meant that, you feel more sick if you keep on thinking that you have an ailment, but if you put your mind to some other pleasant thing, you will notice that the severity of illness will have reduced.

A very simple example can be stated here. You must have noticed that when a person has hiccups, he/she is told to concentrate on something other than the recurring hiccups and immediately he is relieved. If such a small thing as a hiccup can be cured in this way, think then how much help can be taken from this action for other more serious diseases.

It is true that you may not be able to uproot the problem totally but just like Eric Ulysses Miller you’ll definitely be able to make your way to your end with a smile. He had a very big family and even had to be faced with the loss of his grandparents, but his indomitable spirit, took him smoothly even over the rough ridges of life. So take inspiration from this man, the next time you sulk into your bed thinking your life to be miserable.

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