Minibus Hire Vs Car Hire

The obvious benefit of hiring a minibus compared to hiring a car is the fact that it will carry more passengers. While a family car or saloon will carry 5 people including the driver, and even a large people carrying SUV will carry 7, some models of minibus will hold up to 17 people. Smaller models are also available, and many of these offer similar driving comfort to the cars that they compete with, and you can use the extra seats to hold luggage, equipment, and other items that you need to transport.

This space can prove especially useful if you are carrying large items, or those that you don’t want to have to cram into the confines of a car boot to fight it out with the rest of the bags and items. It can also prove beneficial if you have two or more kids that you are taking with you, and you want to give them breathing space in order to reduce squabbling. Each can have their own seat and they can have room to spread out and do their own thing, rather than having to argue over who gets to pick the next DVD or who won which game.

Minibuses are most often used for one-off occasions or events, including travelling to a family event or even going on holiday, but some organisations and groups hire a minibus on a regular occasion because it offers the special benefits without necessitating the purchase of what can be an expensive item. Not only do you have to consider the purchase cost but also the ongoing running costs, insurance, servicing, and maintenance. Insurance is included in the rental agreement, and all maintenance and servicing is done by the rental company as and when required. You do still have to pay for petrol, but when compared to the price of filling up a number of cars that would be required to transport the same number of people, the cost of diesel is surprisingly and comparatively low.

There are many models to choose from, and you should consider the number of people that will be travelling, whether any have additional space requirements, and the amount of luggage that you will be taking with you. For an overnight stay, luggage room may not be a problem, but if you are planning a family holiday that will mean five or six people taking enough clothes for a two week holiday, then you might want to consider opting for a slightly larger minibus than you actually need, so that you can place bags and other items on the unused chairs as well as in the boot and luggage area.

If you are planning a trip, but you don’t need the size and space that a minibus offers, then you can consider other types of vehicle including compact and budget cars, saloons and family cars, estates and tourers. You can even rent vans, including removal style vans and dropside trucks that have specific purposes and uses and that make them very useful.

Nationwide Hire has a large selection of vehicle types to meet every budget and every requirement. Whether you are planning to move house or go on a weeklong family holiday, you can rent a vehicle to meet your needs.

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