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Newcastle Uni, Here I Come!

Okay, so I’ve got myself a place at one of the best Universities in the United Kingdom.


Why choose Newcastle?

Not only has it got a fantastic academic record, it’s known to have the best night-life in the North of England. With a population of over forty thousand students in the city, Newcastle has adapted and evolved into a destination that knows how to party. What better place to spend life as a student?

Before I get carried away with all the post-lecture room activities, let me tell you a bit about Newcastle itself. It didn’t really take me long to set my heart on Newcastle as the place to take my degree. I had friends who had studied here and they had all reported that it was the friendliest most awesome city imaginable and that the teaching and tuition was second to none. Add to that the amazing facilities in the city, and it really takes some beating.

Newcastle Uni, Here I Come!

Newcastle itself is a compact city on the banks of the River Tyne, famous for its night-life, hospitality, football team, brown ale, friendly inhabitants and lovely soft northern accent; it’s a place that makes an impression on those who spend any time here. The campus for Newcastle University is situated in the centre of town, so it makes for a lively and dynamic location.

Where to Live in Newcastle

One of the decisions I need to make about my life in Newcastle is where exactly am I going to live? The most studenty areas focus on the Jesmond, Heaton and Sandyford parts of town. Here you’ll find loads of really cool bars and pubs and places to grab a cheap drink and a cheap bite. Everybody I’ve spoken to so far wants to live around these areas and I’ve been checking out some of the private student rental accommodation in Newcastle to see what’s available.

There seem to be some great places with really good facilities, all in the right area. I still haven’t completely decided if I am going to stay in halls for my first year, then move out into the private rented sector afterwards – or maybe I’ll just launch right into the world of private student accommodation in Newcastle.

That would mean getting a group of like-minded sharers together well in advance – not impossible, but perhaps a tad tricky. Still, I’ve definitely got my heart set on Jesmond or Heaton for the second year. There are some amazing communal houses with lovely big kitchens and gardens, loads of bathrooms, great Broadband – it’ll be better than living at home! It appears there is great student accommodation in Newcastle.

Transport in Newcastle

Getting around Newcastle is pretty easy with good public transport. The buses are good and regular and the Metro underground system is a quick and convenient way of covering distances. I am from down south and I noticed the relative cheapness of stuff when I visited on reconnaissance. Afterwards, I read that Newcastle is known for its lower than average cost of living – something that warms the cockles of my heart as a soon to be impoverished student.

Newcastle Uni, Here I Come!

Where to “Play” in Newcastle

Of course, being a student involves lots of studying – but there are times for play and Newcastle looks after its student revellers well.  Most students start off an evening at home or in halls, downing a few drinks at home before setting off for the bars and clubs. There are frequent student nights which get quite rowdy and busy. Booze is cheap and triple vodkas with mixers are the popular beverage of choice as well as the local tipple Newcastle Brown Ale. The Quayside area of town is really cool with lots of bars and clubs that welcome students on special nights. The Bigg Market gets pretty crazy at the weekend but is a good place to grab a drink at night, other parts of town seriously worth checking out include Central Station, Ouseburn and The Centre for Life/Pink Triangle for the thriving local gay scene. Most places kick the clientèle out at 3am, at which time there’s a mad scrum for kebabs and taxis – not usually that hard to find either.

Where to “Work” in Newcastle

I expect to be permanently skint while being a student in Newcastle; however, I hear on the grapevine that it is quite good for finding part-time jobs. What with all the bars, restaurants and supermarkets and tons of artsy stuff like galleries, theatres, cinemas and museums, the local part time job market is pretty dynamic. Music to the ears of a poor student!

I’m really looking forward to my educational adventures in Newcastle where I hope to be acquiring knowledge on life, learning and a whole lot more.

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