North Korea is Ready to strike, But so is USA

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un presides over an urgent operation meeting at the Supreme Command in Pyongyang
In a recent news, North Korea has finally given its ultimatum to attack South Korea and the United States of America. North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un shows no remorse over his statements as he prepares to attack the said countries.
North Korea has been a communist state since the reign of Kim II Sung in the 1940s. The Cold War period did take a major toll on Korea as the two split into the South and North; with differing ideologies. Matters have not settled since then, it seems. It has been claimed that Kim Jong Un has planned an attack already and is constantly warning the two countries of his next moves. Sources also reveal that the said leader has planned missile attacks that can be launched at any time.
However, USA is not far behind in ensuring its safety as the Navy Warship moves closer to the attacking city. Most political and war analysts fear that United States might just not recover from the losses of the war, since it has already been involved in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, this does not mean that it is not stronger than North Korea. Kim Jong Un’s hints about attacking need only one act to back them up before America jumps. However, even in 1940s, South Korea was supported by United States during proxy wars. Therefore, the country is reliant upon its friend state to help it out during the war. However, this seems highly unlikely, since USA is down on its finances already. However, South Korea has shown its full support by giving USA bases just twenty miles from the border so they can be ready to strike at any point.
However, history is not alien to the fact that North Korea is a very difficult intel target. The wars in 1940s proved the fact that guerilla wars were not difficult in the vast jungles of the country. The thick jungles are difficult to look over via satellite and USA’s intelligence will be of no use once attacks begin, reports a retired US military official. Moreover, another fearful factor for USA is the fact that North Korea’s nuclear program cannot be dismantled easily even if they do win, since uranium plants and storage are covered deep within layers of land. Since people in the US military have no idea of the landscape of North Korea, they are bound to get lost or find difficulties in attacking back. This lack of physical intelligence could be the worst drawback for USA, reports the same official. He also reported that a hard line policy would not work well with Kim Jon Un and therefore, a better method would be to appease them. Statistics show that while USA is progressing with its military and has formed bases in areas close by, it does not have any knowledge of the physical, geographical and economical statistics of the North Korean army.

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