Obamacare Fixes Passed by House

The House is trying to fix Obamacare and they are implementing the Republican’s solution. On Friday, they passed a bill that would allow insurance companies the ability to extend plans a little longer – plans that would have been canceled for not meeting the standards of the Affordable Care Act if the bill hadn’t been passed. The vote was passed at 261 to 157 and it doesn’t just allow those who already have the plans to keep them, it also allows for new customers who want the plans to get them too, even if they might have to give them up once the time runs out for the temporary fix. However, the question is moot because it has very little chance of making it through the Senate, which is controlled by the Dems. The vote for the bill among the GOP was unanimous.

Barack ObamaThere is also word from the White House that President Obama isn’t going to allow the law to pass. Obama’s people say that he will veto the bill if it happens to get to his desk. They say that it is something that would negate the integrity of the law, which is set up to provide insurance to those who are not currently cover and who were not able to get insurance. The Obama Administration started talks on Thursday to try to deal with the issue. This issue is made even more volatile with the technical problems that the website Healthcare.Gov has been having.

That means that the Democrats are in a trying position. They passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010 and it was passed without any support from the GOP. The Democrats even tried to pass a similar bill to fix the problems but it was rejected by the House. On Friday, the President himself sat down with representatives from insurance companies to work out problems. The President said that the process is “collaborative”. “We want to make sure that we get this done,” President Obama said.

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