One Stop Solution For All Software Related Problems has come up with great disk management software for your laptops, PC and other workstations. It is a scalable solution for the disk management and partition recovery. It also organizes the hard disk volume for optimal performance and usage. It also keeps the data safe. This software comes with a new version of 10.5. This new version comes with a new set of features.

Let us see what these are:

  • It is able to Convert MBR to GPT and can do the same action vice versa i.e. from GPT disk to MBR disk. There is no loss of data in the process.
  • It also supports 16TB hard disk to be able to meet demands of high- capacity drive users.
  • The software has a brand new user interface that was created to provide the user a greater experience. 

The above-mentioned points were the new features but we are yet to explore the key features of this new software version 10.5


This partition manager professional software with a new version has the following key features:

  • It has an extended NTFS system partition that does not need rebooting to maximize the performance of the computer or laptop.
  • It safely merges two adjacent partitions into a greater and bigger one. The best part being there is no chances of losing data.
  • It can also help you in converting the dynamic disk to basic disk or converting the FAT file system to NTFS file system.
  • It also very easy to create, format, delete or recover partition.
  • You can also create WinPE rescue disk to boot your computer if it has symptoms of breaking down or getting sick.
  • Ø Helps your computer speed up by defragmentation.
  • Ø Supports all the hardware RAID, hard disk, removable storage device and other major systems.
  • Ø You can work on both BIOS-based and UEFI-based hardware. 


The partition recovery wizard is a built-in partition master that is specially designed to recover the lost or deleted portions of data. You can now recover those files you misplaced or deleted by mistake, you can now easily get them back form the unallocated space that happened because of any virus attack, software issue or any another default.

It is extremely easy to operate, as there are two recovery modes: automatic and manual modes of recovery. The software supports FAT, NTFS, EXT2 AND EXT3 partition recoveries.


It is strongly recommended to use the EaseUS partition software as it easy to resize the GPT partition. It is by far the best value partition software for windows with XP, Vista, windows 7 and windows 8 version. You can perform all the basic and advanced partition operations on your operating system without having to face any difficulties and you would not lose on any of your data either. You can also perform functions like the resizing and moving of partitions, copying the partition, copy dynamic volume, merge partitions, creating and deleting partitions and a lot of other significant functions.

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