Online Marketing: 6 Simple Tips To Market Your Business With Pinterest

Pinterest is a fun and fast growing social media site. While Pinterest is not a perfect marketing fit for all industries, most business owners can find ways to establish a presence on the site and grow their brands in the process.

The following six tips will give you some ideas on how to best use Pinterest to market your business.

1. Connect Your Accounts

Since you are running a business, you’ve already set up accounts on all the major social media sites… right? Your accounts should be linked, and it’s easy to link Pinterest to your Twitter and Facebook pages.

2. Use Keywords

Pinterest accounts showing up more and more in search engine results, so you want to set up your account to be found as well. You can do this by adding keywords to your profile.

You should also include keywords in your pin descriptions and add hash tags to the end of your descriptions. Be careful though. Your descriptions will look like spam if you stuff too many keywords in them.

 Online Marketing: 6 Simple Tips To Market Your Business With Pinterest

3. Borrow Ideas

Watch other Pinterest users that are in the same industry. Particularly, pay more attention to users that appear to be experiencing success with the site. You should be able to borrow some ideas and tailor them for your business boards.

Following other users is also a great way to network.

4. Be Creative

Obviously, Pinterest is all about visual appeal. Certain niches like art, travel, fashion, and food recipes are a natural fit for Pinterest. But even if your niche is not tailor made for Pinterest, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the site to market your business.

You might need to be creative. Think of ways to translate what you do in a visual way. For example, infographics are very popular now, and nearly any business can think of ways to create them.

5. Use Original Images on Your Blog

It’s ok to use stock images on your site, but in order to maximize your Pinterest presence, you’ll need to start sharing some original images. Pinning your own original images is a great way to send traffic to your site.

6. Mix Business With Pleasure

To get the most out of any social network, you need to strike some sort of balance between promoting your business and engaging with your followers on a more personal level. You can’t be all business all the time.

On Pinterest, you can create boards on topics that are not about your business but are related to it. For example, if you sell camping equipment, you can create a board about the best camping destinations in the world. You could create another about camping recipes and so on.

Your creativity can take you to some fun places with Pinterest.

Bonus Tip

Have fun! It doesn’t matter what the nature of your business is; you can find ways to inject some fun into what you do. The more fun you can have while marketing your business, the more success you will have in your social media marketing activities.

Jeffrey DeArmond is the owner of Best Edge SEO – The most popular internet marketing company in Tampa Bay, Florida. Our company has helped hundreds of businesses in the area grow their online presence and increase revenue substantially over time.

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