Outleads Optimizing Telephone Marketing

Outleads: Optimizing Telephone Marketing

With over $900 billion in sales, telemarketing is not only relevant but also a vital tool in an age of digital marketing. As Outleads Founder Dorin Rosenshine explains, “It’s human, for one, direct, measurable and provides immediate data.”

The problem, as it stands, however, is that all that measurable, immediate data is difficult to make sense of and use. That’s where Outleads comes in.

Outleads Optimizing Telephone Marketing

“Dynamic Capture and Segment Precision were designed to address a number of issues in online marketing: Specifically, how do we provide streamlined call-tracking data that captures the full picture of a given marketing campaign, and how do we convert that information into usable subsets that make sense for businesses and help them be more effective with their customer response.”

In this way, Outleads “gives businesses more data, more accurately, at less cost and without sacrificing brand recognition. It works with almost any leads management system, tracks off-site and third-party phone calls and can import call data to Google Adwords. It’s everything a business needs to measure the success of marketing strategies, figure out which ads are being responded to and launch well-directed call-back campaigns,” as Dorin Rosenshine says.

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