Peek Into The Future Tech: CES 2015

If you’re into tech, the annual Consumer Electronics Show is definitely a show to keep an eye on, as it’s the unveiling scene for a lot of great tech. What’s even more attractive about CES is that, instead of showing fancy prototypes that just leave you day-dreaming at first only to disappoint you on the long run by never making it past the prototype phase, most of the tech presented at CES eventually makes it to the market sooner or later. Basically, CES gives you a glimpse of the future, and CES 2015 was no exception. Here are some of the highlights of this year’s show you should be excited about.


A while ago, cars and electronics didn’t have all that much in common, but things have changed a lot lately, and the impressive cars at CES 2015 are the best proof for it. Let’s start with the elephant in the room – the Mercedes F 015. While this was by far the concept that attracted the most attention, it is also one that is less likely to hit the market anytime soon, which contradicts a bit with what we just said in the opening paragraph about prototypes. Nevertheless, the Mercedes F 015 is probably just ahead of its time, but we really hope that it will become available one day, as the tech it comes with is breath-taking. The car is fully-autonomous, has a futuristic look and its interior is full of displays, touchscreens, hologram-controls and pretty much anything else a tech freak count dream of.

Mercedes’ life-long competitor, BMW, also made an appearance showcasing a technology that’s already available to some extent, and bound to be a standard feature someday. We’re talking about autonomous parking; the showcased model is able to cruise around a parking lot, searching for a free spot, then park itself with no driver interaction whatsoever.

Last but not least, there was an entry from… NVIDIA. Yes, we’re talking graphics-chip giant NVIDIA. They made quite an appearance at CES, presenting the Renovo Coupe – a full electric supercar powered by NVIDIA’s latest mobile chip, the NVIDIA X1. If a single chip capable of controlling all the innards of an electric vehicle doesn’t yell “power”, we don’t know what does.


Peek Into The Future Tech: CES 2015

Television sets are regular guests of CES, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive. While a lot of people haven’t even switched to Full HD yet, let alone the now-trending 4K, there were some TV models at CES 2015 that presented the successor of 4K: 8K. While the image detail of these TVs is outstanding all on its own, their size is impressive as well, most models coming in sizes in the ballpark of 85-inches. Curved TVs were also an attraction, as well as slim ones, the highlight of the latter category being one of Sony’s models, which came with a thickness of only 5 millimeters. These TVs are not far from hitting the market, but as you can expect, their price tags will be on par with their size.

VR Headsets

Peek Into The Future Tech: CES 2015

If there’s one technology trend that’s getting people very excited lately, that’s virtual reality. Ever since the iconic headset Oculus Rift debuted, the world has gone nuts about VR, and we can’t really blame them, as the technology has a lot of potential, even though it’s still in its infancy. As expected, Oculus Rift made an entry at CES 2015, as well as another Oculus Rift-powered VR headset that’s prone to be more appealing to consumers – the Samsung Gear VR. What makes the Gear VR attractive is the fact that it uses a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as a display, thus cutting down on the price of the VR headset itself.

Razer, a company known best for its professional gaming peripherals, also made an entry in the field of VR at CES 2015. Working with professional VR companySensics, Razer showcased the Open Source Virtual Reality platform, and the Hacker Development Kit. Based on Android, the platform is bound to be easy to use, modular and flexible, allowing enthusiasts to tap into the world of virtual reality easily. The price tag of only $199 makes the upcoming headset an attractive option for those that want to experience VR but don’t want to spend a lot of money on gear.

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