Phillip An Island Of Wonders In Australia

Phillip An Island Of Wonders In Australia

The world today is changing for a while. Since the World Wars more people have been travelling to various destinations in the world. This has all been made possible not necessarily due to the improvement of security issues in the countries but by the advancement of transportation facilities and development of infrastructure in those places. The media and technology have also played major roles in this. They have helped in the marketing of the destinations worth visiting especially Phillips Island in Australia.

Phillips Island

This is an island that is about ninety minutes drive away from Melbourne. It is one of the most known tourist destinations in both of New Zealand and Australia combined. This is not due to its hosting of the Australian Motorcycle Grand prix (October 2014) as most sports lovers would want to believe. There is more to the island than just motorsports. And one to get here, there is need to have an Australian Visa which are offered by the Australian Visa Bureau in order to travel to and in the country .

· Family Activities and Fun

There are lots of things to do as a family in this haven of wonder. The eccentric wildlife which have made Phillips Island their home are some of the animals one could get tom see especially penguins. The penguins can be seen on normal days as they take a swim in the evening sun on the beaches all around the island. Phillips Island houses lots of go kart and mini-golf track (on the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Visitor Centre) where the whole family can have fun at. Chocolate lovers can also go have a taste in the famous Panny’s Phillip Island Chocolate Factory.

Phillip An Island Of Wonders In Australia

· Outdoor Activities

The island offers some of the best outdoors activities one could ever want. There are endless beaches and landscapes which are great for walks and strolls. And if that is not enough, fishing lover can get a charter and sail into the Westernport Bay where they could reel in the catch of a lifetime. The island also offers some really cycling and hiking options on the island rugged mountains.

· Nature and Wildlife

Get sucked into seeing the penguins as they come back to the shore at dusk. Other than watching penguins, one can get into the parks nature conservatives which are the homes to other animals like the Koala bears and other exotic plant life such as flowers only found in Australia.

· History and Heritage

The island has history which dates back to over 40000 years to the original inhabitants of Western point, the Bonurong People. “Man ins a whaleboat” is the phrase one hears when they ask about the history of the island. This is the name of George Bass who was the first European explorer in Western port, Australia on his whaleboat. Another histological place on the island is the Victorian first European settlement where one can get to see the original homestead as it was.

Some other places worth going to on the island are:

Churchill Island

National Vietnam Veterans

Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker farm

The Goat in the boat and

Silver water Resort Phillip Island

Phillip Island is such an amazing place to visit or any person. Be it locally or international, it is worth it. But people ought to know that in order to get to travel to Australia need to have an Australian Visa which is needed to travel in the country.

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