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Most people need to get high quality graphics nowadays. You can need a logo, banner, sign, title, card, improved photo or other kind of design to make your work or hobby more attractive. If you want cool graphics, but don’t want to spend your money, Picture to People (P2P) project is what you need.

In fact, P2P project is so powerful and diversified than even experienced graphic designers can feel it’s very useful. The reason is because it offers an online portal with many professional effects, and many of them are exclusive and can’t be found in any other graphic design software.

Some of the most interesting features Picture to People project have are:

– It’s very easy to use. The graphic design apps are simple to understand and have just the parameters that can be really useful;

– It’s pretty fast. Most logo or photo effects can be created in less than a minute. Usually you can view the result of the configuration you have chosen to decide if you want to download the final image;

– You don’t need to create an account to use it. You can use the complete site without to worry about signing up;

– It has thousands of high quality logo generator apps. Most of that text logo creators can be set up to produce logos with transparent background, so they can be used in any design or composition;

– There you can find dozens of exclusive and creative photo editor apps. Many of them were researched and developed to be used in P2P project, so they can’t be found in any other graphic software, free or commercial;

– All generated designs are free for any use, even commercial ones. You don’t owe to Picture to People project the credits like it usually happens with Creative Commons licenses for example.

No matter your skill level, if you spend some minutes, knowing what this graphic design project has to offer, for sure you will find many cool online design apps to use and have fun.

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